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ice cream treat + breakfast date

I was scrolling through my phone’s photos this morning and realized I didn’t post these memories in last Thankful Thursday’s post, so I decided to give them their own entry on the blog 😛


After a yummy homemade dinner on Friday (6.1.18), Aaron and I decided that ice cream sounded good so we packed up the girls and headed out to try a new ice cream place – 8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream. You literally picked every part of your ice cream and then they poured the liquid onto a flat surface and it froze while the workers spread it out and then rolled it. Once they put it in the bowl, it is topped with the toppings of your choice. They made an extra roll from Aaron’s and put it in a smaller cup which we gave to Rylie.



Of course she loved it. And as we expected, she was full of energy and ran around the house until we insisted she go to bed.


Breakfast is probably our favorite meal of the day, and Aaron and I love non-franchise places. So when Saturday (6.2.18) came, we decided to take a family date to a highly talked about restaurant – Metro Diner – and oh my gosh was it delicious!


It was the perfect way to kick off our morning before we went to Cora’s 2nd birthday party that afternoon.

I so value meals with my family. It’s a great time for us to talk, laugh, and grow together.

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