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thankful thursday #24

Ready for this week’s “Thankful Thursday” posts?


Thankful Thursday #24


  • Lunch with Friends


Any excuse to get out of the office is good with me, so scheduling a lunch date with my good friend Kendyl was definitely a joy. We sat at a park and caught up while ducks and ducklings circled our bench begging for food 😛


  • Friday Nights


We don’t have TV, but thanks to YouTubeTV, we were able to stream the NBA Finals. Aaron and Rylie were glued to the screen anxiously awaiting who would win. And once I broke out the popcorn, Rylie’s night was made!


  • Slow Mornings


There is nothing quite like a slow, relaxing Saturday morning cuddling with my girls ❤


  • Birthday Invites


Birthday party season is upon us, and we are so thankful that we’re on the invite list 🙂 We love celebrating our friend’s kiddos!


  • Date Nights


Aaron and I really make it a priority to have a date night once a week – a time where there’s no kiddos, just us. After being very traditional and going to similar restaurants and doing the same activities, we decided to get creative. So this month (June) we started a new system where we each get a week out of the month (example: he gets the first week and I get the second week) to plan the date so it’s a surprise to the other on the day of. The other two weeks we pick something together. But this past week was mine, and since we both love good food and new experiences, I picked out a restaurant we had never been to before called Brat Brot.


The atmosphere was very hipster, but the food was yummy!


During our meal, it started to pour down rain and of course we parked around the block – so when we were ready to leave we ran to our car, but not without getting absolutely, 100%, dripping from head to toe drenched. It was insane! It was raining so hard I could barley see and there were giant puddles everywhere so I couldn’t help running through them and I ended up getting my socks wet. I was literally laughing the entire time we were booking it to our car. It created great laughs the rest of the evening and is now such a sweet memory.




What are you thankful for this week?

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