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sarah’s 2nd birthday party

Sarah is a little girl that has been in Rylie’s class at church since we started putting Rylie in nursery. Over time, I grew to recognize her parents when they came to pick Sarah up (I was often serving that service). Her dad is on staff at that campus, so Aaron and I have interacted with him quite a bit – between school requirements and Aaron being hired. We asked them a few weeks ago if we could have dinner with them, and they graciously hosted us and we got to know them even better. Terri and I seemed to quickly become friends and scheduled a couple play dates for the girls. A few days after that dinner, Terri invited us to Sarah’s birthday party and we quickly put it on our calendar.



We arrived to Sarah’s party (6.16.18) a few minutes after the starting time. It was held at a park we love to visit, so we were familiar with the layout. We greeted our hosts and the guests we knew and made ourselves comfortable at one of the tables. Rylie, however, was not as quick to warm up to the new people. She was quite comfortable taking in the crowd and guarding the food table 😛 She had many of the guests giggling and her side-eye was a perfect addition to her attitude! haha.

But after Rylie was greeted by the birthday girl, she warmed up quickly and started walking around and interacting with her friends.


Mychal and Terri (Sarah’s parents) brought a kiddy pool and some water toys for the guests to play with. Of course it was quickly bombarded by all the kiddos.






While the littles were playing with the water, I glanced around and took a couple photos of the adults – including a selfie because Emmaline and I never seem to end up in these party photos 😛 hahaha





Sarah was the star of the afternoon, as she should be! Family constantly had their phones out taking photos and videos and she seemed to be all about the extra attention.


We are so thankful for this little girl and her family, and we cannot wait to see Rylie’s and Sarah’s friendship grow ❤

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