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first experience with play-doh & my old dollhouse

As a Christmas gift, my aunt and uncle sent Rylie a box full of goodies, including bath colors and a Play-Doh bucket. Since she was only 13 months old, we decided to hold off on letting her play with the Play-Doh until she was a tad older. Well, Saturday morning (6.16.18), that moment arrived.


I took it out of the container and showed her how it squishes and can be flattened. She was really interested and loved rolling it out with the roller.

I loved watching her take it apart and examine each piece that came tore off.


As I expected, she did start bringing a piece of it to her mouth, but I quickly told her it was not food and would taste yucky. “Ew,” she replied. “Yes! Very ew.” I said.


I remember loving playing with Play-Doh as a kid and using my imagination to make pretty much everything. I’m looking forward to sharing our creations together!


After a while, Rylie started getting a little antsy in her booster seat, so we cleaned up and headed downstairs for a treat.

When my younger brother was born, my parents got me a dollhouse as a big sister gift. Over my childhood, I got more and more sets for my dollhouse and it was a constant favorite. Through all our garage sales, I specifically kept it in hopes that my children would get to play with it one day. After multiple moves and Aaron jokingly making comments about why we were toting a house and 2 storage bins around with every move, we have finally reached a point where I could break out the memories and introduce my favorite toy to my daughter.

At first I brought out my big house, but she tried to sit on it which I was nervous would make it break, so I got out my motorhome (yeah, I have one of those 😛 ) but she stepped on that fold out as well. I decided the pet shop was probably my safest bet since nothing popped out when your unfolded it. I dug through my box and picked out all the animals and gave them to Rylie to put in the pet shop. She loves animals, and it definitely caught her attention.



She played with it for a few minutes before moving on to the next thing, but those few minutes had my heart smiling. I made up countless stories with this toy, and I am so excited to watch Rylie do the same. And when Emmaline can play with her!? Ohh my gosh the cuteness ❤


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