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thankful thursday #25

Y’all – today is mine and Aaron’s 4th anniversary 😀

We already had our date night to celebrate earlier this week, so tonight will be pretty low key. I’ll share with you a special anniversary post tomorrow! 😉

So with that, let’s jump into this week’s “Thankful Thursday.”


Thankful Thursday #25


  • SAMs Club & WalMart Pickup

The Shaver Crew likes to eat – we say it’s one of our love languages – which means we spend a decent amount of $ on food. But after going over our grocery budget the past few months, Aaron and I sat down and brainstormed some ways we could get back on track.

Our first decision was to STICK TO THE LIST! I thought we did a decent job at this, but inevitably at least one item would show up in our cart that was a “want” not a “need.” SAMs Club & WalMart are our go-to’s when it comes to grocery shopping, so we decided to start taking advantage of  their pick up option. The best way we decided to resolve not being swayed by eye-catching items was to order online and then pick up. With two under two and not wanting to spend our weekends grocery shopping, this feature is even more helpful! We feel like SAMs Club is still working out their bugs, but it still saves us a lot of time by ordering ahead of time and then picking up. WalMart on the other hand is a pro.

So this past week, Aaron grabbed the list we’d been working on throughout the week and placed an online order on Friday (6.15.18) and then picked it up Saturday (6.16.18) morning while the girls were still asleep and he was back not long after they had woken up.

So yes, it’s definitely made my Thankful list this week!

  • Freezer Meals


Freezer meals are my jam! Although I love to cook, a full time job, full schedules and two kiddos just doesn’t allow for it as often as I’d like.

A couple weeks ago I searched the internet for crock-pot meals and copied the recipes onto a Word Doc and printed it. I handed it to Aaron and he marked the ones he wasn’t interested in trying, and then made a grocery list off of what he did want.

So Saturday (6.16.18) morning, Aaron went to pick up the groceries and came back with food and ingredients that took over our counters.

Instantly, Aaron pulled out the pages I had printed of freezer meals and started putting them together. I was on kid duty, so I helped make a couple when the opportunity presented itself. We ended up with 11, and I am so excited to try them all!

  • The Love of a Heavenly Father


I could write about this every week, but with Father’s Day being this past Sunday (6.17.18) it’s been on my mind even more. How thankful I am to have a Daddy like Him. Becoming a parent changed the way I see God (for the better of course) and the more I read and learn, the more awestruck I am. He is a good, good Father!

  • Anniversary Date

A few months ago we were blessed with a Longhorn Steakhouse gift card, so we decided to go there for our anniversary dinner. We ate an appetizer and a delicious meal while asking each other a few questions and reminiscing!



Aaron and I are big Pixar fans – some of our biggest dating milestones were centered around a Pixar movie and we even themed our wedding reception to Pixar films. Furthermore, every year around our anniversary they release a new movie, so it’s usually apart of our anniversary date in some way. It’s our thing, and we were excited to see the long awaited Incredibles 2.

As big kids who waited 14 years for the squeal, we thought they did a good job and we laughed really hard at a few parts. But to be candid, there were a few cuss words and it caught all the adults off guard. One thing I’ve always respected and loved about Pixar is that I didn’t have to screen the movie before letting littles watch it because they had my trust that it would be a clean, fun family film. In addition to the cussing, the story line was a little scary for young children, and we even heard the kid behind us in the theater tell his mom he didn’t want to watch it anymore because it was too scary. 😦

We left the movie conflicted. We enjoyed it, but watching through the eyes of parents, it’s the first Pixar movie we will not be owning because we do not feel like it is appropriate for our kids, which makes us sad. Pixar, as much as it pains me to say it, has lost my trust and we will be screening all Pixar movies from here on out.




What are you thankful for this week?

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