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random photos of rylie + emmaline – june 2018

It’s somewhat turned into a game I play with myself to see how many photos I took that didn’t make it into a legit blog post. The number is actually fairly consistent, so I guess that’s good 😛




Sitting in Cabinets:


She opened the door, turned around, sat down and started laughing! 😛

Bringing Friends:


This is currently the wallpaper on my phone because it makes me laugh every single time I look at it 😛

I had just finished taking Emmaline’s 2 month old photos and I was getting her ready for church. I called Rylie over to get her moving in the direction of the car, and I watched her start walking with Link (more commonly known as Monkey) in her arms, turn around, grab Koda (Emmaline’s bear) and run towards me. 😀 She obviously wanted everyone to feel included.

Not only is it a funny memory, but I feel like it’s also a picture of her heart – loving everyone and wanting everyone to come along this fun ride with her!


Cheese-Its Are Mommy’s Dinner:


The first Wednesday of the month (6.6.18) was a little crazy. Aaron had to get to church early to set up, so when I got off work I had to drive an hour to my in-law’s to pick up the girls, and then drive a half hour back to our house. By the time I got the girls unloaded and fed Rylie while I pumped, I started streaming Church of the Highlands’s First Wednesday service. There was a bag of Cheese-Its nearby though and Rylie kindly handed me multiple Cheese-Its as if she knew I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. 😛


Little Construction Worker:


For a Tribe night, we went over to Amberlyn and Ryan’s new house where Ryan had a list of to-dos before various contractors arrived the next morning. We helped him finish his list and then enjoyed pizza for dinner. Rylie was a huge fan of the construction, except we all were watching her extra closely.


Car Naps:


Peyton’s Birthday Party wore her out. And I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing her cute little self asleep in her car seat! ❤


Breakfast In The Living Room:


Because Saturday mornings are good for pancakes for breakfast in places you don’t normally eat them (like the living room instead of the table) and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.


The Party Look:


You know your 1 1/2 year old has a sense of style when you’re about to leave for a birthday party and she reaches for her sunhat (which we bought for our trip to the beach and she would only wear it for 5 minutes and only if she didn’t realize it was on her head) and sunglasses. Once she was ready, she looked at me and said, “cheeeeessse” so I grabbed my phone and took a picture 😀 She cracks me up.


Morning Smiles:


Sunday morning (6.17.18) it was just Emmaline and I for a couple hours and I so enjoyed my time alone with her. Cooing and kicking her feet ❤


FaceTiming Rylie:


Rylie is still working on her FaceTime etiquette 😛


Hoodies In The Summertime:


When Aaron texted me this photo of Emmaline on Friday (6.22.18) I couldn’t help but reply with heart eyes ❤

You might remember seeing Rylie wear this outfit – click here.

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