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thankful thursday #26

Can I just say that June flew by! Where did all my June days go?

It’s been a good run though. Emmaline turned 2 months old, we went to several birthday parties (and even had to decline a couple), my team at work went to TopGolf (my first time, and I did pretty good 😛 ), Aaron & I tried a few new food places (ice cream, breakfast diner + dinner spot), we celebrated Father’s Day, utilized grocery pick-up and fell in love with it, celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, and starting purging my closet.

Phew. We’ll see what July looks like 😛


Alright, let’s jump into this week’s “Thankful Thursday.”


Thankful Thursday #26


  • 4 Years of Marriage ❤


Aaron and I loved celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary last week.  Since we had our date on Tuesday, our actual anniversary was a pretty normal day. That evening we had Tribe Night and Michelle brought dinner and Amberlyn brought dessert. We proceeded to spend the evening playing HeadsUp which was hysterical. It was a great evening!

We debated on getting each other anniversary gifts, but we decided to go for it. Aaron  got me an MU (Monsters University) hat and I got him light-saber chopsticks. Aaron won. By far! 😛


  • Cleared My Closet


I am thankful for all the clothes I have because I know some people only have one article of clothing, but I also know I have way too many and it’s begun to take away from my life (yes, that’s actually possible). I love the whisper from God earlier this year to simplify my life. I’ve been slowly purging things out of my life and making things easier / simpler on myself, and this week was transitioning to a capsule wardrobe (if you’re not sure that that is, check out my blog post).


  • Blessed to be a Blessing


After a full  year of cloth diapering, our family has transitioned out of cloth diapers and have embraced disposable which left us with a couple dozen cloth diapers that will no longer be used. After accepting the fact that I will never use these again, I reached out to a few friends who I knew did cloth diapers and asked if they would be blessed by them. They quickly said yes.

I could have charged for them because cloth diapers are quite an upfront investment, but we were so blessed by those who gave them to us, we wanted to keep it going and bless the next baby. This week, I’m thankful that I was blessed and can now bless another family.




What are you thankful for this week?

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