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thankful thursday #27

This week was a rough one because I got the flu 😦  I rarely get so sick I cannot function, but this one knocked me out for a few days. Aside from that, we did have a few things to be thankful for, so let’s  get into this week’s “Thankful Thursday.”


Thankful Thursday #27


  • Family Nearby

June was a rough month for Aaron and me when it came to health. Aaron was constantly feeling less than 100% for a good part of the month and then I got one of the worst colds I’ve ever had the week of our anniversary 😦 After finally recovering, I started feeling queezy on Saturday (6.30) only to come down with the flu around 3am on Sunday (7.1). I felt awful, and I knew it was unwise for me to go to church. I tried to reason with myself that I could care for the girls despite how I felt, but the more I thought about it, the more I talked myself out of it and texted my mother-in-law asking if they could watch the girls before taking them to church. She quickly replied saying it wasn’t a problem so I gathered all the strength I had and packed them up so they could go with Aaron to church and his mom could meet up with him. The remainder of the day was spent laying in bed – sleeping, laying there while watching Netflix, drinking water and nibbling on a few Wheat Thins (which was literally the only thing I could stomach).

The girls ended up staying the night with my in-laws not only Sunday (7.1) night, but Monday (7.2) night as well. I didn’t go to work on Monday because I felt like I needed one more day to recover, which was smart because although I felt better, my body was evidently still weak and the extra day of laying in bed all day without having to worry about babies was so helpful! I really believe not having to tend to them made me recover faster, but also it reduced the chances of them getting this 24 hour flu.

Although I really enjoyed our time of rest, I did really miss the girls! ❤ But I was so so so so thankful that we had family nearby that we trust to care for our kids for such an extended period of time.


  • Adult Tetris


Some would say loading the dishwasher is the adult version of Tetris, but I have also added grocery shopping with two kids under two years old alone in that category as well. I maxed that cart out – every available spot had some food item on it. I even had the cashier shocked at how much I had fit into my cart 😛


  • Saturday Breakfast Cuddles


We went to our current favorite breakfast place on Saturday (6.30.18) morning and while we were waiting, Rylie was extra cuddly with Daddy and refused to let him put her in her booster seat. It was really sweet and he definitely didn’t fight it ❤


  • 4th of July


I think it’s fair to say that we are all thankful for America this week. I know our country was built on sacrifice, hard work, and men + women who were brave enough to fight for the vision that they saw despite what those around them said.

And can I just add how cute my girls are!? 😉 ❤




What are you thankful for this week?

3 thoughts on “thankful thursday #27”

  1. Your girls are so cute! Sorry you were sick! I am thankful for friends that I got to spend the Fourth with since my family was out of town.


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