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pros to having an online baby shower

“What a fun idea!”

“Aww how sweet! What a creative shower.”


These were just a couple of the responses I got when I invited friends and family to attend my Build-A-Library online baby shower. It was an event on Facebook that my people could check into over the course of a week and it showed off the best books for babies. I included games, prizes, and my wish list. Amidst earning party points towards that prize, my friends looked through my wish list and could choose a book or two to purchase and have sent to us as a gift OR they could purchase books for their own family. Either way, I earned “points” that went towards me being able to get books for FREE through the company as well. Talk about a sweet deal!

two ways to shop

Everyone has at least one pregnant friend, and in today’s blog post, I really wanted to share with you the pros of having a baby shower with Usborne Books & More (and maybe encourage you to “host” one for your mama friend 😉).


Pro #1: those who can’t make an in-person shower still feel like they can participate


With so many of my friends and family living in Washington State and not everyone in Alabama being able to attend my in-person shower, it made my peeps feel included. Everyone was so excited to gift books to my little one.


Pro #2: you get gifts that can be used for years to come


Sure, onesies make great gifts, but they are outgrown so quickly. And how many blankets do you really need? What I love about having a Build-a-Library shower is that it’ll be years before the gift is outgrown. Honestly, pretty much all the books we received “for Emmaline” are being loved on by 1 year old Rylie right now. Almost all of the Usborne books that are recommended for babies can also be used for toddlers – helping them learn to read simple words or asking them to point out characters on the page, like “where’s the mouse on this page?”


Pro #3: it’s easy, affordable, and you don’t have to look presentable


My guests and I had such a great time at the Build-a-Library showers, and I cannot tell you how many boxes showed up on my doorstep a week later with literally over a dozen books for our little girl. Not only was I already thankful that my people wanted to bless our family with a gift, but I also loved that I knew (and they knew) that their investment was going to last a long, long time. Plus, it helps a ton that over 50% of the books are less than $10, so it’s pretty inexpensive.

book cost

…and let’s be honest, when you’re pregnant, “looking presentable” takes way too much effort and you just end up counting down the hours until you can get back into sweats and that baggy t-shirt 😛


So how can we host a Build-a-Library shower for your pregnant friend (or for yourself)?

There are a couple ways we can bless mama-to-be with books –

#1 – Email / Text

We’ll have mama-to-be make a wish list and we’ll contact all of her friends explaining the heart behind the Build-A-Library Shower and include the wish list link where they can see what Mommy wants.

#2 – Online Party

I love this one! I’ll create an event through a site called “Sqweee” that will allow us to chat, play games, and check out the latest and greatest baby books, all from t he comfort of your computer or cell phone.



Just let me know which route you want to go and we’ll make it happen!

Boom – easy!


I honestly believe that this is such a creative and fun idea that is a super easy and affordable way to bless mama before her new addition arrives! ❤ Plus, it’ll get her little one lovin’ on books early 😉


Want to book a Build-a-Library online shower? Shoot me an email and we’ll get it on the calendar 😀 –>

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