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You may remember when I announced that I joined Usborne Books & More and seen random posts here and there regarding Usborne Books & More or reading in general. I’ve decided to compile some info about Usborne Books & More into one post case you’re wanting to learn more!


Once we became pregnant with Rylie, I knew I wanted my kids to love reading. Our home library was small, but we knew we wanted to raise readers. When a friend invited me to a book party on Facebook  back in August 2017, I hesitated because Rylie was only 8 months old, but we were reading to her every night before bed so I thought I’d check them out to help out my friend. I am so glad I participated because once I saw the books, I was hooked! Usborne has such engaging and gorgeous books for kids – I’ve never seen any books so intentional, educational and fun!


A few weeks of prayer, asking dozens of questions and saving money, I decided to jump on board and become a consultant and I’ve loved it ever since!


What I love about this job is that I don’t feel like I’m a salesperson – I’m just naturally sharing how my family uses the books and why we love them.

I get to throw online parties for mamas and, while introducing the books to their friends, help them earn free books for their own kids!


I love the team part of this book lady business too! I get to bring other mamas alongside me and help them achieve their own goals – whether that’s paying off debt, saving for a vacation, or building their own library.

If you’ve been thinking about it and want to dive in, I’m your girl! I’ve got your back!

Personally, I have earned books, prizes and money for our family, but you can also earn so much more!

And you’re not just limited to online parties. You can also do booths, reading challenges, book fairs, fundraisers and home parties.

The important thing is that I’m not a salesperson. I just love books and want to share with others something that is good. Just what any good friend would do! 😉


Here is some basic info to becoming a consultant:

  1. We make 25% commission on all web and party sales, including our own purchases!
  2. We have ZERO minimums or quotas.
  3. We have TWO starter kits to choose from. One is $75, the other is $125 (<– this is the one I bought because it gave me more books 😊). Both include books, business supplies, and 6 months free of our websites.
  1. You are never required to carry or hold inventory.
  2. There are no hidden fees. After your first 6 months, your only cost is $8/month to maintain your websites.



Our bookshelves are continually being stocked with books that I’ve earned.

I’m bringing home a weekly paycheck to help our family and I’ve connected with an amazing community of women like me.

My goal right now is to be promoted to Team Leader and I have so many dreams for my business and guess what!? All of them are obtainable!

And don’t feel like you have to have a current platform to be successful. It helps, but the most successful women in the company aren’t bloggers or popular influencers and they are earning 20k A MONTH! (INSANE.)


Let me tell you what most women (including myself) in this business want:

  • we want to bless our families financially
  • we want to bless others financially
  • we want to be able to offer our kids amazing books and encourage their love for reading


  • we want to promote literacy and help get these books into the hands of kids everywhere.


If you work it like a job, it can be a job. Or you can work when you can and enjoy that added income and free book earnings.


I believe a simple story time can bring families closer together, and one thing I love about Usborne Books + More is their incredible selection. This job has been such a blessing to my family financially, but it’s also allowed us to fill our bookshelf. I am so excited to build my team and my customer base around my kids, family + church activities and the unpredictability of life and create the lifestyle I really want.







I’m always looking for people who want to party with their friends online and get tons of free books! All you do is invite and excite… I do the rest! Talk about easy 😉

It’s a fun and fast paced 30 minute party with giveaways (I know I love free stuff 😝 )! Then you get to go on a free book shopping spree!!! It’s that easy.

I remember thinking “how is everyone not doing this?!”


I get asked a lot about book recommendations – “What should I get my 7 year old boy? What does your 1 year old girl like? Are there books for newborns?”

I love that part of the job – getting to help personalize the catalog to specifically fit your family!






This has been such a blessing to my family and I’d love to share more with you if you’re interested.

I love being able to share the books through online parties and get them into other homes.

We are opening a whole world of reading to the kids in those families, and everyone who has an Usborne Book LOVES them!





I love using our Usborne Books to make learning fun for my kids! My 1 year old is learning words, counting and differences through her Usborne Books and my tummy-time baby is fascinated by the 1, 2, 3 Counting book we offer.




Email me to book your own party or with any questions about being a Book Lady 😉


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      1. I’m right there with you Sarah! I currently stay home, but we’re trying to save as much as possible for a house, so I love being able to contribute.


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