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thankful thursday #29

After a very full week last week with church activities, this week we’ve settled back into our norms which has been nice.

Alright, here’s this week’s Thankful Thursday.


Thankful Thursday #29


  • Working Mamas Small Group

This group was birthed purely out of obedience. I really wasn’t planning on leading a small group during the Summer Semester but after coming back from maternity leave, I felt like I needed this community but I kept pushing it out of my mind. But one day, I was listening to a podcast and it was talking about how valuable their small group of working moms was to their sanity + heart and how thankful they were to have the group. The speaker encouraged the listeners to seek out this kind of fellowship and if it didn’t already exist to create it. “I guess I’m really supposed to start one!” I thought. And a couple days after the directory opened, I posted the group.

Our group has 4-6 consistent attenders and almost instantly they were praising the group and proclaiming how thankful they were for it. Now, 6 weeks later, I’m shocked at what my small act of obedience produced. I have some incredible new friends who understand the working-mama season, and we’ve covered some phenomenal topics – including the importance of prioritizing our husbands, post-partum body image, making time for quiet time with God, does God really care if our house is messy and the importance of self-care. Our little community is so needed that we are meeting past the end the Summer Small Group semester 🙂

I can’t wait to continue to grow in relationship with these ladies ❤


  • Serve Day


I’m extra thankful this week that we are blessed to be a blessing! Serve Day 2018 was a great reminder of that.


  • Aaron is back Playing Basketball

Remember when I told you guys we finally met our neighbors – Ted & Sarah!? Well Ted invited Aaron to play basketball with him and some friends on Monday nights. Aaron hasn’t played basketball since we moved to Alabama, and he was stoked to pick up a ball again after 3 years.

I love that he got invited and, more importantly, that he went! I can tell it was good for his soul.


  • Date Night

I’m thankful for this every week, but this week we spent extra time out to dinner because we were having such good conversation!


  • Growing as a Boss Mama



After maternity leave + logging of Facebook, I’ve had trouble determining how I would get back into my Usborne Books & More business. But the past couple weeks God has been giving me wisdom and guidance and I have been working on mixing the concrete to lay the foundation for my  business. This means lots of brainstorming, learning, researching, and creating. I’m so excited to release what I’ve been working on and start building my mansion. Now back to mixing 😉


  • Sold My Camera


Back in 2012 when I first started SMS Photography, my parents, brother and boyfriend (now my hubs 🙂 ) all pitched in and bought me a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera. It was an amazing gift and served me well until I purchased a new camera in 2015. I’d been keeping my T3i around in case I needed a second shooter for a wedding, but since I’ve hung up my hat in the industry (unless a friend asks me), my 2nd camera was just collecting dust.

Now being motivated to simplify my home and get rid of things, I listed it on Shaver Closet’s Instagram + the LetGo app. Within a couple days of posting it, I has someone interested in it. Aaron and I met with him yesterday (7.18.18) evening and even blessed him with the case (which I hadn’t originally included).

I’m thankful this week for the opportunity to sell it and make some extra money for my family. My savings account is very thankful 😛




What are you thankful for this week?

3 thoughts on “thankful thursday #29”

  1. I love the idea of Thankful Thursday! This week, I’m thankful for a very short commute to and from work. It allows me to go home for my lunch break when I want and gives me a lot of time to do things that I love, like update my blog, go to the gym, or take my dog for long walks. It is a true blessing!


    1. That is so awesome Rachel! Short commutes are so helpful. Yes, Thankful Thursday is something I started at the beginning of the year to keep myself accountable to staying thankful every week and it’s been a great reminder that there is always something to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing what you’re thankful for this week 🙂


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