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how to get your child interested in reading

Do you have a child who doesn’t seem to enjoy reading? I feel like I can really relate to that kiddo because I just recently got back into reading after years of disliking it (you can read about how I got back into it by checking out this blog post).


There are so many benefits to children reading, including growing their imagination, learning, developing communication skills, focus skills, + other benefits.  So to the parent who gets the eye-roll or screaming child fighting your request to read, here a few ideas that might help get them interested.


  • Let Them Read What They’re Interested In – Even if that’s Comics 😝

I hated reading in High School, but the one book I found that I was obsessed with was The Hunger Games series. Similar to us as adults, it’s hard for kids to enjoy reading if they are not reading something that interest them. Are they a fan of dinosaurs? What about princesses? Kings and Robin Hood? Science? Comics? Encourage them in whatever interests them. And there are actually many adults who claim it was only because of comic books that they got interested in reading novels!


  •  Let Them See You Reading

Kids, especially young ones, want to be like grown-ups, so they are likely to do what you do. If they see you reading, they’ll be more likely to pick up a book themselves. I know it’s tempting to pick up a book after they’ve gone to bed, but try to get a 15/30 minute reading session in while their awake. If  they see that it’s a normal grown-up thing to take time to read, they’re more likely to get into the habit.


  • Read Together

This one is fun. If your child is very young, like mine, “read together” may mean literally together, with you reading all or some of the text. If your child is capable of reading on their own but would rather be looking at a screen, “read together” means you’re in the same room or sitting together but reading different books. Sometimes, kids just like hanging out with their parents, especially if their parents are usually busy, so they may come to cherish reading time. As a result, their feelings about reading may improve because now they are looking forward to it! And think of the sweet memory they’ll have from that.


  • Talk About Books

At the table or in the car, talk about  books. If you’re reading one, share a part that really caught your attention. Ask the your little reader to share what they’re read lately. It can be a great way to connect!


  • Take Them to the Library

Field trip!!!! 😛 Sometimes a kiddo just needs to be able to browse through a big selection in order to find books that they’re interested in. To save some money, take them to the library! You may also want to let them search through a consignment store, thrift store or Amazon’s eBook library.


  •  Give Rewards

Let me be clear and say this is not bribing. This is rewarding good behavior! I love hosting “Reading Challenges” where I partner with you as the parent and encourage the child to read a certain amount of minutes during a 2 or 3 week period. With games, prizes + free books, it’s a great way to motivate a stubborn kid. <– let me know if this interests you and we can chat more 😉

A trip out for ice cream or the promise of a movie night can be a great reading reward! 😃



Usborne Books & More has hundreds of titles that make reading entertaining and enjoyable for children of all ages. Let me know if you need some recommendations and I’d be happy to help find you some options that will best fit your unique child 🙂



So let me ask you – what got you interested in reading?

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