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6 hours at the lake

Aaron’s uncle + cousins came into town late last week to visit for a few days (7.18-22.18). They did quite a few things while I was at work, but on Saturday (7.21.18) everyone voted to go to the lake.




Aaron and I got the girls up and packed to leave early so we could get a good spot at the lake by 9:30am. We set up our post and it wasn’t long before Rylie was anxiously expressing her deep desire to get in the water, so we got her changed and Aaron jumped in with her.



A little over an hour later, the rest of the tribe arrived. They got all their gear set up and jumped into the refreshing water as well.




Although Emmaline and I enjoyed most of the day on the shore, we did get in the water a couple times, which she really seemed to enjoy.


Our dog, Kylo, even joined in the activity and hopped in the water for a few minutes.


All the Shaver Crew members (of 2018 at least) || Aaron, Sarah, Rylie, Emmaline + Kylo •••
We were at the lake for 6 hours today, & Rylie spent 5 1/2 of them in the water 🐠😅 girl loves the water!!!

Looking back over the day, we determined that we were at the lake for 6 hours, and then realized that Rylie was in the water for 5 1/2 of those – only getting out of the water to eat a quick lunch before quickly expressing that she wanted to return to the watery goodness haha


Most of the tribe played in the water, but it was a mainly a relaxing day and a great environment for chilling, laughs, good food, & great convos.

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