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10×10 summer 2018 outfit challenge

Since my post about simplifying my wardrobe, I’ve been getting rid of at least one item every week (I have a box in my room that is currently overflowing and I know I won’t sell on Shaver Closet so it needs to be taken to the thrift store). While I was doing my research on capsule wardrobes, I came across this blogger named Caroline Joy Rector. I checked out her Instagram and saw a post that caught my attention – 10×10 Summer Edition.


Here’s how it works: You pick 10 items of clothing from your closet. Include tops, bottoms, and shoes for your everyday life. Don’t include accessories, bags, PJs, swimsuits or gym clothes (unless you want to include them, it’s 100% up to you). Then, for 10 days, create a new outfit using your 10 items. That’s it!

You don’t need to buy anything. No need to throw anything out. No need to commit to minimalism forever. No need to renovate your wardrobe. Instead, it’s all about getting curious, trying something new, and having FUN!


It starts this Friday (7.27.18), and I am so excited to see what I end up picking + how I mix & match.


Anyone want to join me? I’d love to have a friend do this challenge with me 😉

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