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thankful thursday #31

Thursday kind of snuck up on me this week. In my spare time, I’ve been focusing on “mixing the concrete” for my Usborne Books + More business so I can lay the foundation this month during 21 Days of Prayer. So expectant. So excited!


Alright, here’s this week’s Thankful Thursday.


Thankful Thursday #31


  • Chill & Productive Saturdays

Last Saturday (7.28.18) our family got to sleep in until 9am, which was glorious for this mama who wakes up at 5:45am every morning! After a good breakfast, we played in the living room before deciding to clean out our car (which hasn’t happened since before Emmaline was born). It’s amazing how much kids in carseats can make a car messy. Bringing stuff into the house is a lot harder when you’re also carrying two littles, so the back floorboard was covered in hats, toys, books and trash.

A full trash bag, a few trips into the house and a good vacuuming later, our car looks awesome!


  • Saying Goodbye


You’d think that “saying goodbye” isn’t something I would be thankful for, but it’s bittersweet because we said “goodbye” to our peruvian friend, Zelmar. Zelmar came to American from Peru to attend Highlands College. He graduated with us in May 2018 and was able to stay in the states a few more months before his Visa expired and he needed to return home. This past Sunday (7.29.18) was his last Sunday. I asked him what his favorite part of America was, and he quickly replied, “the people!”


Before we headed out, a group showered him with American memorabilia and shared some heartfelt words with him. He returned the favor with a little speech of his own and it was so good! We’ll miss our peruvian friend! Hopefully we can visit Peru one day 🙂


  • An Old Friend’s Birthday


Guys, yesterday (8.1.18) was my childhood best friend’s birthday. Since she lives in Washington State, I did the best I could to celebrate despite the distance and flooded her phone with old photos and some memories that came to my mind.



She was quick to express her gratitude and said she was literally laughing (and crying) at the photos I shared.


I’m so thankful to have a friend like her – one that I have literally grown up with. We’ve been friends since we were 11 so we’ve seen a lot together. I’m thankful to still be in touch with her and that I got to make her feel special even though we’re 3,000 miles apart.





What are you thankful for this week?

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