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thankful thursday #32

When I woke up this morning, I really had to think about what day it was. “Wow. It’s really Thursday!” I thought. So here’s this week’s Thankful Thursday.


Thankful Thursday #32


  • Boom Squad Dinner

In the Fall, Aaron and I went on a mission trip to Newnan, GA. We’ve still been able to stay in touch with those in our group and since most of us have graduated and are now accepting jobs at other churches throughout the country, we thought we should get as many of us together as we could before we all go our separate ways.

Only half of our group was able to attend, but we had such a great time enjoying a yummy taco potluck and reminiscing parts of our trip.


Got to see some of our Boom Squad family tonight 💙 So incredibly proud of each & every member & the work they are doing to further the Kingdom. Missing half our squad because some have moved to another state to pursue what God created them for.
God is so cool guys! I thought I was just checking a box by going on a mission trip, but in reality, God was bringing me a family!

  • Emmaline Turned 4 Months Old


I can’t believe we’re already at 4 months old… every day I am so thankful for this little surprise of a girl!

  • Toddler PJ’s


These donuts + milk jammies are so stinkin’ adorable!!! She makes them look so much cuter though 😉

  • Usborne Books & More – Free Book Haul


Packages on my doorstep always make me smile, but packages that include stuff I didn’t even pay for – even better! 😃

So thankful for this thing I get to call my job! Helping ladies have a good time, encouraging mamas, blessing families with free books and then earning free books myself!? Absolutely! ❤

  • The Start of 21 Days of Prayer


We’re 5 days in and it’s been incredible! Prayer is something I’ve had a lot of questions about lately and this season of intentionally getting together with my church family every day, being taught how to pray and having little dates with God has been so good for my soul. ❤




What are you thankful for this week?

7 thoughts on “thankful thursday #32”

  1. I’m thankful for someone close to me who is taking the steps to be a better self. I am thankful for you for prompting me to acknowledge this!


  2. Oh my gosh, I love the idea behind your post. I feel like life can get so crazy sometimes that we often forget to be grateful for even the little things. So thank you so much for reminding me!
    P.S. Your toddler’s PJs are absolutely adorable!!!


    1. Thank you Roxci! It’s been such a good reminder for me too. I’m so glad it might inspire you to write down what you’re thankful for somewhere too 😉
      And aww thanks – she definitely wears them well.


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