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what i’ve learned after working my usborne business for 1 year

August 16th marks my 1 year anniversary of signing up to be an Usborne Books & More consultant. It has far exceeded my expectations and has been such a blessing to my family!

When special occasions like this happen, I like to take some time to reflect, and I thought I’d share them with you 🙂


The 5 biggest wins in your business in the last year

  1. God giving me a vision for how far this business can take me & my family
  2. having an over $500 sale with 1 customer
  3. 4 people joining on my team
  4. earning dozens of free books for my family
  5. doing a summer reading challenge


3 top lessons you’ve learned

  1. when I ask someone if they want to host a party, and they say “no,” it’s not personal. It’s just like someone not wanting a glass of water at a restaurant.
  2. you have to interact and be personable with the guests (talk about your kids, share what your favorite book is and why, refer to their kids by name, etc.).
  3. if I work hard, I can do it


The greatest influence(s) that have had an effect on your business in the last year

  1. My hubs 😉
  2. Natalie from At Home with Natalie
  3. My Upline Team Leaders – Melissa Hoffman & Rebecca Lopez


The smartest decision you made

To start this business 😀


The biggest risk you took

Getting off of Facebook


One word that best sums up and describes last year’s experience



3 things you need to do less of in the next year

  1. take things personally
  2. limiting myself by talking myself out of things – like not asking friends, thinking I can’t earn a prize, etc.
  3. not share what I do with others


3 things you need to do more of in the next year

  1. bless people with free books / prizes
  2. blog about Usborne
  3. make videos


It’s been a great first year, and I really learned a lot! I am so expectant for this coming year and I cannot wait to see where God leads this business! 😀



INSTAGRAM: @whereallthingslive


6 thoughts on “what i’ve learned after working my usborne business for 1 year”

    1. That’s awesome – I’m so glad she loves it! It really is a great business!
      I haven’t gotten my hands on that one yet (I have 2 under 2 right now) but I loved that stuff when I was a kid. I’m excited to get it for them someday 🙂 Thank you for checking out my post!


  1. Oh man. I’d be horrible at this! I am not a great sales person, but I love blogging and anything kid related. Glad I found your blog tonight!

    Congratulations btw!


    1. Oh girl, I’m not that great a salesperson either. What I love about this business is that the books really sell themselves. I’m just showing a product that my family loves. 😉
      I’m so glad you stopped by my little corner of the internet and commented 😀 I hope we can keep in touch!


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