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dan’s graduation

My younger brother, Daniel, was scheduled to graduate with his Bachelor’s degree in visual journalism at the end of August. Dan and I have been close since the beginning, so when the opportunity arrived for me to fly up to celebrate him, we took it.

On Saturday morning (8.25.18) we loaded up the girls and drove the 2 hour distance to get to Dan’s college campus. When we arrived, we knew Rylie was not going to be able to sit still for another hour +, so we went into the Family Room (a classroom that had a live stream playing) so we could watch the commencement without disturbing others. There were half a dozen families in there, and Rylie was able to share her toys with the other kids.

When Dan’s name was called and he accepted his diploma, I cheered 😃 Crazy sister alert?


After all the diplomas had been handed out, we met up with Dan outside and got some pictures.



There’s not many people I would fly across the country with two under two for, but Dan is one of them 💙
Proud of my brother for graduating with his bachelor’s in visual journalism! He’s so talented and I’m so excited to see where his gift takes him!
In other news, Rylie was disappointed this photo interrupted her running session 😂




And I love this picture that was captured of me chasing Rylie down the hall while others were getting their photos.


After all the photos, everyone went about their Saturday plans and Aaron, the girls and I went out to lunch with the graduate.

It was so fun to be able to celebrate with Dan throughout the long weekend and spend time with him! As is custom, it was an emotional “see you later” but hopefully we can get him down to Alabama soon – we have some restaurants to take him to 😉




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