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emmaline – 5 months old

This month has been so fun because little love reached some fun many milestones.





  • Long nipple binkies (the short ones are useless!)
  • Talking (in paragraphs!!!)
  • Using her binky as a microphone (she’s very loud haha
  • Balloons
  • Watching what’s going on
  • Being rocked to sleep
  • Rylie making her laugh
  • Playing with her toes




  • Sitting in the Bumbo for too long
  • Sudden loud noises





Feedings can usually be predicted (yay!) and are 2 ½ – 3 hours apart. She can easily down a 6 oz bottle but sometimes she’ll decide 5oz is enough and we’ll have leftovers.

I’m in the process of weaning my milk supply so formula is pretty much our go-to now.




Our saying for Emmaline is “she is predictably unpredictable!” and boy has she done a number on us when it comes to sleep. She keeps teasing us with a full nights of sleep and then right when we think she’s mastered it, the next night she is waking up multiple times. So as of right now, we just do what we can to get her to sleep and know that she’ll likely wake up  between when she goes down and when I get up for work.




A whole new world has opened up for Emmaline as she is discovering her voice. She is all about talking to us now which is adorable!

She also is constantly extending her legs and wanting to stand up. She gets this huge smile on her face which is precious. Aaron and I have a feeling that she’ll be walking way sooner than Rylie did.

Oh, and lets not forget the fact that she ROLLED OVER!!!! No more brainlessly leaving her on the couch while we run to the kitchen to get something (not that we really did that anyway… but still).


Emmaline does still have days where she is really needy, and then other days she’s totally fine doing her own thing and laying on her back looking at whatever is above her.



Rylie and Emmaline are still besties. You cannot talk to Rylie without hearing “me sister Emma-wine” with a pointing finger indicating that you better not forget to say hello to Emmaline. 😃 Emmaline’s talkativeness has created wonderful moments where Rylie and Emmaline seem to have a conversation and 100% understand each other, leaving Aaron and I confused but smiling at the cuteness. Right now the plan is for the girls to share a bedroom, but I’m not sure how realistic that is with these two little talkers 😝




Like I said above, I started ending my nursing journey with Emmaline this month. Despite my best efforts, I have decided to start weaning and conclude my nursing journey with sweet Emmaline. Between work, commitments and 2 under 2, it became too much for me and after weeks of going back and forth, I decided for my health I needed to stop. It’s bittersweet for me of course, but I tried my hardest and ultimately, healthy mama = healthy baby.


I am loving this sweet little chunk I get to call my daughter. It’s been such a sweet month and I know it will only continue to get better. I’m just trying to soak up as much baby as I can before she inevitably grows up.


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Curious what Rylie was like at 5 months old? Check out her monthly update 😉

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