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being shaver kids || 21 months old & 4 month old

Rylie is going to be 2 soon, and even though I’ve said it before, I feel like we have officially crossed into full on toddler mode. Talking, playing, interacting, exploring, needing to be disciplined, etc. I am so thankful for this joyful little girl who adds so much to our lives!


Little love, Emmaline, is quickly advancing and is all about big sister and TALKING! That girl 😅  She has been such a joy this past month and Aaron and I are constantly questioning if she is 4 months old or 8 months old haha


These two are practically inseparable! If you say “hi” to Rylie, she’ll immediately point to Emmaline and say “Emma-wine!” Over and over until you greet her as well. Rylie loves making Emmaline laugh and dancing together is a daily requirement (which is basically us holding Emmaline down to Rylie’s level so she can grab her hands and dance haha it really is adorable).


Enjoy August’s “being Shaver kids” video!

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