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happy 25th birthday aaron

Guys – today is my husband’s 25th birthday, and I am all kinds of excited about it! Not because we have grandiose plans, but because I love having an excuse to love on my man (not that I need an excuse, but birthdays are a big deal to me 😉).


Since it’s kind of a big birthday, I thought I’d list 25 things I love about him. In no particular order, here are 25 things I love about my husband:


  1. His love for God is evident

  2. He fell in love with a punk kid (that would be me lol) at 18 years old. Praise the Lord! haha 😛292796_4606203390286_1496772643_n

  3. He has a huge passion for “family”IMG_0141

  4. He led me to Christ

  5. He is the Daddy to my two beautiful girlsIMG_0120

  6. He’s a dog personIMG_5036

  7. He introduces me to the best showsIMG_6543

  8. He’d rather listen to worship / praise / Christian Hits music

  9. He can cook (and all the girls said “amen!” hahaha)7589868432_IMG_8093

  10. He embraces who he is20160314_164229

  11. He loves sports7516791456_IMG_8239

  12. He’s an amazing “how to drive a stick-shift” teacher

  13. His style is on point

  14. He leads our family with wisdom, strength and prayerS+A2018-5

  15. He is constantly seeking God

  16. He thinks I’m funny (hallelujah 😛 )

  17. He’s never embarrassedIMG_0374

  18. He is competitiveimg_3290

  19. He is supportive

  20. He makes everyone feel good

  21. He has a gift to lead kidsIMG_0982

  22. He explains what’s happening in movies to me

  23. He’s willing to try new restaurants togetherIMG_0071

  24. He lets me take pictures and videos of life (and he tells  me how thankful he is for them)S+A2018-11

  25. He’s not satisfied with a mediocre life – he wants the amazing, unbelievable life God has for him

I could write more, but those are the first 25 things about him that I absolutely, without a doubt love.


We’ve been together for 6 years – married for 4 years – and I have learned so much about him and my respect for him only grows each day. I definitely married up 😉 😃 😝


Happy Birthday Shaver!

I love you very, very much!!!!

To infinity and beyond.



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