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4 tips to host a successful usborne books + more online party

Fall is Usborne Books & More’s busy season. With all the holidays + Christmas, it’s a wonderful season of parties, gifts and starting your own business journey.

I have a decent party calendar this fall, but I’m always wanting more! When I ask people if they’d like to host a party, I usually get asked what they have to do, so I thought I’d whip up a blog post sharing my tips for having a successful online book party.



Pick a popular date & time

Weekends are usually filled with family time or activities, so you’re best bet is going to be a weeknight after dinner, cleanup and the kids are down for bed (I usually suggest 8pm).

Invite your friends

Not sure who to invite? Check out the 60 guests in 6 minutes sheet listed below. That should help get the juices flowing! The most successful parties have at least 25 guests, so invite everyone you know 😉



Be interactive

Your guests want to see that you’re excited about your own party, so make sure you comment on all my posts and, if you can, post some of your own. Some examples are:

  • Welcoming your guests and thanking them for coming
  • Sharing a photo of your kids loving their books (if you have any)

Follow Up

Once the party starts, if you notice a friend isn’t commenting that expressed interest in the event, tag her in the “Welcome” post.

Tag friends in posts you think applies to them. A couple examples of this are:

  • Your friend has an 8 year old who loves to bake and I post a photo that includes cooking books. Tag her!
  • Your friend is expecting a sweet baby and I post a book that is great for tummy-time. Tag her!


When the party is over, I post “Thank You”s to guests who have ordered so you’ll know. I encourage you to reach out to the names you don’t see and check in. Ask if they enjoyed the party. If they plan on ordering (because you don’t want them to miss the shopping link opportunity). If they’re interested in hosting their own party and how much you’ve enjoyed hosting (hopefully you’ve enjoyed it 😉). Do what feels natural for your relationship with them 😊


My go-to saying is “all you have to do is invite and excite your friends, I’ll do the rest!” Yes, it’s a little bit of work on your end, but it’s so worth it with all the Free Books you can earn!


So that’s it. That’s all you have to do to have a successful party. Sound enticing? Reach out to me about hosting and I’ll get you the most recent Hostess Rewards chart + if you reference this blog post, I’ll give you a prize 😉


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