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thankful thursday #35, #36 & #37

I know it’s been a few weeks since I did a Thankful Thursday post, and it’s not because I forgot, but because these past few weeks have been packed that I wanted to share what was going on immediately so I decided to postpone it.

Let’s get caught up on Thankful Thursdays


Thankful Thursday #35


  • A Good Seattle Visit


We’re had a great, quick trip to Seattle. I’m thankful for the safe flights, good times with friends and enjoying time in our hometown.


  • Wrapping Up 21 Days Of Prayer


It’s always a bittersweet when 21 Days of Prayer ends, but this was such a great time to learn and refocus for day 22 and beyond.


  • Mom’s Birthday





My mom’s birthday was August 28th (the day after we flew back from our Seattle visit) and I was so glad we got to spend some time together beforehand. Looking forward to her next visit 😀



Thankful Thursday #36


  • Amberyln’s Bach Bash


So thankful I got to be apart of this girl’s celebrations before her big day!


Thankful Thursday #37


  • Michelle’s Birthday



Michelle’s birthday was September 6th and I got to celebrate with her at the ReCreate Conference. Not many ladies are friends with their mother-in-law, and I’ll be honest and say when Aaron and I got married I didn’t expect to call her a friend but now, after a lot of work and 4 years later, she is one of my closest friends. So thankful for her and the wisdom, encouragement and friendship she shares with me.


  • ReCreate Conference



I’m thankful for a lot of things regarding this conference – that there is one, how loved they make me feel, the wisdom I get, the way God moves + more – but for the sake of this post, I’ll just say I’m thankful for the ReCreate conference 😉


  • Aaron’s Birthday


The Shaver turned 25 this week and I LOVE celebrating him and all the amazingness that equals Aaron. He is at the top of my thankful list (second to Jesus/salvation of course) every day.


  • 1st Small Group Gathering of the Fall Semester

Last night (9.12.18) was our first small group gathering and it went unbelievably well. We had a wonderful turnout and the discussion was great. There were so many “yes! I totally know what you mean.” And “really? You too?” So excited to grow in relationship with these families throughout the semester.





What are you thankful for this week?

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