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4 tips to successfully sell at plato’s closet

Who has taken boxes, bags and laundry bins full of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, etc. in hopes of making some cash only to be told that the store wouldn’t take any of your items? I’ll raise my hand right now and admit that this has happened to me a lot! Frustrated, I said I’d never sell there again. But after some closer examination and a couple more tries, I believe I have found the trick to selling at Plato’s and because I used to beg the internet to give me the secret, I want to share with you my tips.


  • It Has To Be Trendy

If it doesn’t look brand new (I.E. there is a big spaghetti stain on the sleeve) I can guarantee they will not take it. They’re goal is to be cheaper than the department store but still trendy, so if it’s not of this last year, it likely won’t pass their test. I’d encourage you to only offer them big brands: Coach, Fossil, Calvin Kline, Addias, Nike, Free People, Forever21, etc.

Tip: Find your local Plateo’s and see if they have an Instagram account. Look at what they’re posting and when you’re going through your closet, you’ll have a frame of reference.

  • It Has To Fit The Season

I was taking all my clothes from every season and they are very seasonal and are only interested in what’s coming up.

Tip: If summer is ending, don’t give them your summer stuff because they are looking for Fall + Winter.

  • Take Your Stuff to Multiple Store

This was huge! I took my 3 boxes to a store, got $11. I took what was left over (still 3 boxes) to another Plato’s and got $15. I still left with boxes, but I felt good getting that extra cash verses just taking it to a thrift store.

Tip: Each store’s inventory is solely based on what is sold to them, so what may have been passed on at one location could be needed at the second.

  • Guy Clothes

Plateo’s seems to not only be targeting girls, but guys as well. This  being the case, they seem to be even more attracted to trendy men’s clothes.

Tip: Go through your man’s closet (with him so you don’t sell his favorite shirt lol) and see what the store will take.



After applying these tips, I took one bin to one store and made over $50 (that’s the most I’ve made to date)! I was ecstatic!

Hopefully these tips helped you out! I know I’ll be perfecting this more and if you have any insider tips or tricks, let me know 😉


Happy Selling!

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