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matt & shaver visitors

Quite a few of Rick & Michelle’s family were able to come into town for Amberyln’s wedding, which was sweet because some of them I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Amidst the wedding festivities, Aaron and I did get to spend some time with them but the little ones got way more time with the visitors. Naturally, photos were taken and some were sent to me by Aunt Karen (Michelle’s oldest sister) who jokingly said she was going to take Emmaline home with her haha


You can imagine the smirk that came on my face when I saw this photo while I was at work… lol

Here are some photos I received that family sent me –







Everyone went back home Monday morning (9.17.18) but it was so great to have so many in town to celebrate Amberlyn + Ryan’s wedding and have the opportunity to do a quick catch up.

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