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why i brought facebook back

5 months ago, I wrote a post saying I was deactivating my Facebook account and I would never get on again. Today, I’m writing “why I decided to get back on Facebook” – not to justify, defend, or tell you that I caved in to the pressure of our culture because quite honestly, I loved the break and definitely can live without it. But ultimately, I have a calling and part of that calling requires me to be on Facebook.


My reasoning for jumping off the bandwagon was valid and I definitely do not regret it, but I also know that God has a job for me to do and I cannot fully fulfill what He has designed me for if I’m not on this social platform. At least for right now. Although I had a lot of reasons for jumping off, one of them was that Facebook was always on the news with the latest hack and for my safety and my family’s, I felt that removing myself from Facebook would lessen the threat. But the reality is, I blog – on the internet. I Instagram – also on the internet. And I don’t participate in the major apps / quizzes that hackers are targeting to get Facebook information. And, to be frank, I’m not stupid! I don’t post personal information (my address, my social security number, etc.) which seem to  be the major things hackers look for.


I have a God-peace about logging back into Facebook. I’m not anxious, but intentional. I’m coming back with a purpose and a plan, which I believe makes all the difference.

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