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random photos of rylie + emmaline – september 2018

How are we already preparing for October? 2018 has gone by so quickly, and September seemed to barely wave at me it passed by so fast. Our month was packed full so here are September’s random photos of the girls.




Sunday Naps:


It is not abnormal for Rylie to pass out on the way home from church, but on this particular Sunday, Aaron and I decided to sit in the driveway to keep her napping a little longer.


Emmaline’s Agent:




Okay Sister, this is your monthly update photo. As your agent, I need you to smile big for the photographer and… oh I’m getting a call…


Rylie’s Version of Raspberries:





Rylie loves all things Emmaline, and copying Mommy + Daddy. So this was Rylie trying to give Emmaline Raspberries haha


Sleeping Anywhere:


One thing about baby stage that is actually convenient and occasionally hilarious is where and how babies fall asleep 😛


Sleeping Baby Cuddles:


This. A thousand times, I choose this.


Minnie Mouse Ears:


While Michelle was watching the girls, apparently Rylie put these ears on Emmaline and looked up at Michelle and said, “Cheese!” indicating that Michelle should take a photo. hahaha that girl!


Tummy Time Reads:


We’re working on Emmaline’s tummy time, and one of the best ways to entertain a baby one their tummy is with a book!


Daddy’s Buddy:


I told Emmaline to keep Daddy company, and she seemed to do a good job of it 🙂


Shaver Girls:


Yeah… we know we’re cute 😉😂




Michelle’s older sister, Karen, texted me this photo while I was at work. The preciousness of my sleeping toddler ❤


Here Pig, Pig, Pig:


Rylie absolutely loves Grammy & Papa’s pigs!


Burpee Giggles:


Sweet, happy Emmaline!


Go Hawks:


We totally taught Rylie how to say “Go Hawks!” 😛


Feeding Sister:


Rylie loves giving Emmaline her bottle, and she has been doing a great job lately of keeping it in her mouth vs. ripping it out 2 seconds after Emmaline started eating.


Bye Bye Elliott:


Another transition on the farm – Rick & Michelle sold Elliott to a farmer that had girl cows that he could enjoy being around.


Carrying Emmaline:


Rylie trying to carry Emmaline’s car seat out to the car like Mommy & Daddy do.


Bouncer Play Time:


Emmaline loves playing in her bouncer!


Daddy’s NBA Sweatband:


Rylie is WNBA ready 😝


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