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the pumpkin patch 2018

Aaron and I made the decision that our sabbath (day of rest / day to refuel for the week ahead) would be Saturdays. In this season, the day is fully dedicated to spending time with each other and our kids. This is something we implemented in December 2017 and it has become a crucial aspect of our family’s health. However, the last 5 weeks have been a non-stop dash for me, and I haven’t had a Saturday at home with my family since mid-August. Although I have been busy with good things, it has nonetheless worn us out and created a desperate need in our soul to get back to our “Saturday Family Days.”


Aaron and I agreed that we needed to do something fun for our first family day back, and we agreed that a trip to the pumpkin patch was a perfect family outing + way to welcome the Fall season (and it was Rylie and Emmaline’s first time 😃). We found a new patch in our area called Helena Hollow that was opening for its 2nd year and decided to go there. We are so glad we did because it was so family friendly and a majority of the activities were included in the $10 admission. Once we had paid our admission and walked a bit, our activities started by letting Rylie swing on a tire-horse and then we headed over to the corn-pit where a slide launched the kids into the pit.



Following that adventure we got some lunch, which included a City Bowl (our first one ever) and it was delicious!


After we had some food in our bellies, we decided it was time to pick out our pumpkin! We headed to the tractor ride (which you had to ride to get to the pumpkins) and waited our turn. After we rode to the pumpkins,  Rylie walked with determination as she touched various pumpkins and tried to pick up multiple haha




Since we had paid for 2 admissions (the girls were free), we were able to pick out 2 pumpkins. Aaron selected a ginormous white pumpkin and Rylie was attracted to the smaller white pumpkins, so that’s what we picked. By the time we loaded our pumpkins into the tractor ride’s trailer, everyone was exhausted and hot (the Fall weather hasn’t quiet made its way to us despite my outfit choices… 😝 ) so we agreed to head out and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at home in AC.


Rylie said she had a great time at the pumpkin patch and Aaron and I loved making those memories with the girls.


We plan on going to Helena Hollow next year too, but maybe later on when it’s not so hot 😉


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