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being shaver kids || 22 months old & 5 months old

Rylie is a little toddler full of energy and her own thoughts + opinions. Since her vocabulary continues to grow, it has been so fun to be able to have mini conversations with her. She continues to make us laugh and her personality is such a joy. Aaron and I are loving this season!


Emmaline has been talking up a storm and embarking on new milestones which has been fun. She is more interactive then she ever has been which has been great. Love this girl and can’t wait to watch her personality unfold more!


These two are best friends, which makes my heart so happy! They laugh at each other, cry together (when this starts happening Aaron and I are very quick to say “nope, not both of you!” hahahaha) and we are so excited to watch them play more together.


Enjoy September’s “being Shaver kids” video!

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