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emmaline – 6 months old

How is this little love already 1/2 a year old? I mean seriously, where did the last 6 months go?



  • standing
  • her bouncer
  • sitting in the bumbo
  • being carried around
  • growling
  • chomping on things (your hand, fingers, teethers, etc.)
  • practicing sitting on her own
  • grabbing toys
  • playing with Rylie



  • not standing
  • being on her tummy too long




Feedings are 3 – 4 hours apart. We prepare 8oz bottles and she usually eats 7oz or she’ll snack on it.

When we went to the pumpkin patch last weekend, a stranger looked at her and said, “she’s obviously malnourished” with a big smirk on her face. I chuckled and said, “haha yes, clearly.”

We are in 9 month old clothes (anything smaller is too tight or just doesn’t fit) and I absolutely love my chunky baby ❤




Emmaline + sleep seems to be our biggest struggle in life. She fights it like a mad person which can leave us up past midnight with a crying baby. Sometimes I can get her to go to sleep around 9pm, but it’s so inconsistent I couldn’t even tell you if what I do is working.

Regardless, she insists on being held when she’s falling asleep, and since she doesn’t like us sitting down, I’m usually standing while rocking her back and forth until she leans her head against my shoulder and falls asleep.

No matter what time she actually passes out, I can bet on her waking up at least once during the night. 3 times is normal though.




Emmaline has started doing this new thing – growling – and it is hilarious! She’ll randomly growl at us and we’ll growl back and she gets the biggest smile and growl again. Her coos and way of talking are precious.


I would also like to point out that her hair is growing lighter… my dark haired baby 😦 Aaron’s genes keep taking over 😛


She is all kinds of sweet and happy it’s adorable! She loves to smile, laugh and interact.



The older Emmaline gets, the more she enjoys Rylie. Now she loves being next to her sister and interacting as best they can with their current age-gap.

I caught Rylie rolling Emmaline from her back to her tummy last night and then back to her back and then laying on top of her and Emmaline thought the whole ordeal was hilarious. 😛




The mom guilt has been real this month guys!

Emmaline is 6 months old and I feel like I can count on both hands things that I was already doing with Rylie that I haven’t even started with Emmaline. But the mom guilt doesn’t stick around long before I hear a voice in my mind say – “you’re doing great! Give yourself some grace. You are working full time, running a business and raising two girls. And Emmaline is different. What came easy to Rylie does not come easy to her, and that’s okay. She’s happy, growing, and loved. That’s all that matters right now. Everything else will come.”


Praise the Lord for His grace. And a sweet little girl who seems to love her mama! ❤



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Curious what Rylie was like at 6 months old? Check out her monthly update 😉

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