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thankful thursday #39 & #40

The enemy is so quick to distract us and twist our minds to think we have nothing to be thankful for. That is one reason why I love doing Thankful Thursday every week. It’s a great opportunity to refocus and bring my attention back to what I have to be grateful for.


Thankful Thursday #39


  • The Water Fountain


Ugh, this one gets me every time I think about it. To read the full story, check out the post I wrote sharing my experience with my toddler and a water fountain but I am so thankful for her fresh eyes and the conviction that she brings me.


  • Kendyl’s Bachelorette Weekend


Such a fun and chill weekend celebrating a dear friend of mine! So thankful for her and that she chose me to stand next to her on her big day! 🙂


  • Small Group


Aaron and I have a huge heart for families, so these semester with Highlands we are leading a small group called “Parenting on Purpose.” It’s a curriculum  by Pastor Chris teaching us how to do Biblical Parenting. It’s so good and we love our small group and the community we are building.


Thankful Thursday #40


  • A Weekend at Home


After 5 weeks of being gone every weekend, I was so excited to have a much needed family day! ❤ We decided to go to the pumpkin patch which proved to be a memorable experience. Love my little family! ❤


  • Aldi


Aaron and I have been struggling to get our grocery budget under control for months, so we decided to try Aldi – a grocery store we’ve heard lots about – and now are unashamedly proclaiming that our lives have been changed and we are always shopping at this store now. I mean seriously, you cannot beat those prices 🙂 We got a week’s worth of groceries for $50. FIFTY-DOLLARS!!!!!


  • Our 6 Month Old


This chunky cuteness is 6 months old and I am so thankful for her! She is not our easy child but she has brought so much to our family in the short 6 months she’s been with us and I am so excited to see what is to come!




What are you thankful for this week?

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