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letters to emmaline || 6 months old

My sweet little love, Emmaline,


You are full of cuteness and emotion. When you want or don’t want something, you make it very clear but I feel like Daddy and I are getting better at knowing who you are and what you like. You are very active right now and do not like to be stationary for very long. You love to talk and chomp on your teethers, and you continually surprise us and make us laugh. Little love, you feel things so deeply, and although that can be tiresome right now since we can’t explain things to you as easily, I know it is a valuable trait and I am so excited to watch your ability to feel deeply impact thousands.


Daddy and I agree that you are going to catch on to things a lot faster because you have Rylie to show you the ropes. She is so excited to teach you how to crawl, walk, eat (I’m sure she’ll tell you that green food is not good for you 😝) and talk. Part of me feels like your first word will be your own name because of how often Rylie says it haha. The fact that you are already sitting up shows how determined, strong, and committed you are. Those are traits that I believe are going to be apart of you forever.


Emmaline, you are such a joy. Even on the hard days you give us something to smile about. You have taught me so much and you are only 6 months old. I am so excited to continue to watch you grow.




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