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1,706 photos and videos

Do ever have those computer projects that seem daunting but you feel so good after you’ve accomplished them?

That was me when I looked at my phone and saw almost a year’s worth of photos that I had not backed up onto our family’s backup drive where I keep all our photos, videos, documents, etc.

So over the course of two days, I buckled down and organized 1,706 photos and videos from November 2017 through September 2018. Whoop whoop!

Now before you tell me that’s a lot (which it totally is), I still have my DSLR to back up from July 2018 through today 😅 haha. But there won’t be nearly as many as there was on my phone.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I wanted to remind you to take photos and videos of your life.

Rylie looks so different than she did this time last year. I came across so many pictures that brought me back.

October 2017



October 2018



I mean, seriously people… how!? ❤

This item on my to-do list reminded me why I am so passionate about taking photos. I don’t take so many photos that I miss the moment live, but I do intentionally take photos often because time is a thief and kids grow up quickly. There are so many memories in pictures, and I love finding ways to freeze them forever.


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