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making caramel apples

Every Thursday night, we get together with Aaron’s family for what I called “Tribe Night.”

We try to do more than just eat dinner and talk, but sometimes we’re all exhausted from the week so it doesn’t happen.

So when Michelle texted our group text asking what apples we wanted because we were making caramel apples this week, I was instantly excited!

When we arrived, Michelle had laid out all of our apples and labeled who got what.


From there, Michelle and I followed the instructions to melt the caramel and prep the extra goodies that we could put on it.

And the fun began 🙂








After following the directions and letting them sit in the refrigerator for an hour, we dug into the goodness (but not without cutting them into slices first haha).



It was a lot of fun to do this Fall activity. Rylie enjoyed a slice of her apple and I ate two slices before I covered it to take home for another time. Aaron ate most of it but still had a couple pieces leftover.

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