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random photos of rylie + emmaline – october 2018

Keeping with this year’s tradition, here are October’s random photos of the girls.




Emmaline’s First Time Sitting in the Cart:

The next 4 photos are of Rylie’s realization that Emmaline is now sitting next to her in  the grocery store cart… 😛





Playing at the Park:


Fall is in full swing here in Alabama. True to its reputation, one day the temperature and humidity dropped significantly and now we are resting in the 60s/70s with low humidity – creating the perfect Fall weather and perfect for visiting the park!


Daddy’s Aldi Shopping Buddy:


Aldi has completely revolutionized our family grocery shopping. I’ll likely be writing its own blog post because it really has made a drastic difference. Regardless, Daddy’s little helper is too precious!


Snack Time:


We had just finished shopping and as we were driving down the road to our next appointment, Rylie asked for a snack. The first thing I thought of was some cereal we had just purchased at the store. When we got to our next stop, I opened the trunk and grabbed the whole box, which Rylie willingly carried into the building herself.


A Little Too High:


Rylie loves giving Sister her bottle, and Emmaline is usually very accommodating to Rylie’s style. However, I took this picture and immediately thanked Rylie for her assistance and then took over so Emmaline wouldn’t be straining her neck just to get her meal 😝


Princess Rylie:


I love it when Aaron sends me photos of the girls while I’m at work, and this one was no exception. Everyone make way for the cutest little princess! ❤


Dinner At The Farm:


While waiting for dinner to be ready at the farm, Rylie gladly took the extra time to enjoy the new Fall weather and run around.


Fairy Wings + Coloring:


“I do not like these wings as much as I like to color.” -Rylie


Holding The Stroller:


Aaron taught Rylie how to hold onto the stroller while we’re walking, and I love it. Also, Emmaline is big enough to sit up in the “big girl” part of the stroller…. 😲


Daddy’s Helper:


Another photo that Aaron sent me while I was at work… Rylie feeding Sister on the way home from an appointment. What a big helper ❤


Reading At The Doctor’s Office:



books : How to Brush Your Teeth with Snappy Croc || That’s Not My Owl

These books were a great “redirection of attention” at the doctor’s office 😉


Where’s Rylie?:


Rylie’s new “doctor office game” has been running to the very back of the waiting room and climbing under the chairs in hopes that we will ask “where’s Rylie?” 😊 Giggles erupt.


Sunday Outfits:


One of the many  things I love about Rylie’s age is the silly faces that she gives us. Emmaline gives us occasional goofy ones as well, but the majority of the time she is either blank-facing or smiling. Rylie, on the other hand, is far less predictable (& humorous!).


Bedtime Stories:

book: Baby’s Very First Fingertrail Playbook Garden

Emmaline has loved looking at books this month! Fine by me 😉


Bedtime Bottle Smiles:


This girl ❤ Eating her bedtime bottle and she shoots me this overwhelming smile! Gosh, I love her!!!!


Reading Together:


books: Baby’s Very First Fingertrail Playbook Garden || Taller and Shorter

One of our bedtime routines is to look at some books before we go to bed. It’s a good wind down from a playful day and a sweet connection point for our family.


Couch Cushions:


Aaron sent this gem to me one Thursday morning. Rylie was watching some nursery rhymes on Netflix and had pulled the cushions off the couch to lay on the floor. Aaron claims she did this all on her own! Clever girl.


Safety First:


Aaron making sure the car is running properly before we left for Tribe Night.

Rylie making sure that Daddy is keeping our car running properly before we left for Tribe Night.

Hahaha. She’s a good accountability partner 😛


Random Naps:


“Daddy set me on the floor so he could finish getting Rylie ready. When he came back, I was 💤” -Emmaline


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