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boo, sully, mike & baby sully

Originally we didn’t have any plans for Halloween and that was intentional. But when we were invited to a church’s Fall Festival, we thought it would be a fun evening activity and decided to go.

We were committed to not purchasing anything for the event, but I still thought it would be cute for the girls to dress up. I decided on a Monsters Inc. theme – Rylie could be Boo (since we had a pink dress and purple leggings. All I had to do was put her hair in pigtails) and Emmaline could be a baby Sully because she had a Sully onesie and I’d just stick a purple bow on her. Boom! Done.

The night before the event, I came across a Sully adult onesie at WalMart that was Aaron’s size. It was as if a blaring alarm was going off in my head, shouting how cute that would be if Aaron was Sully to Rylie was Boo! Ugh, my heart couldn’t take it. Justifying my purchase with the remembrance of a previous conversation where Aaron said he wanted an adult onesie for future church events and seeing the price tag was $20 (reasonable for all the uses we would get out of it), I decided it was worth the purchase.

I wasn’t planning on dressing up, but Aaron pulled out one of his green sweatshirts, turned it inside out so the lighter green showed and grabbed a paper plate and drew an eye on it + a mouth. Add my MU hat that he gave me for our anniversary and we were a full on Monsters Inc family! 😃


🚨 23-19!!!! 🚨
🚨 WE GOT A 23-19!!!! 🚨

The festival itself was simple but fun!


“Mama said I was dressed up like someone named Boo because her & I are the same age… I still don’t get why Daddy dressed up like a kitty though… 🤔” -Rylie




“I have absolutely no clue what was going on or why Mama wore a plate on her shirt that kept bumping into me. But I was very thankful I got to wear my PJs to a social gathering! 🙌🏻” -Emmaline


^ Rylie sneaking some funnel cake. Which basically means I took a picture of her taking it and then rushed to take the plate away so she wouldn’t eat the whole thing hahahaha!


Our friends Levi + Megan and their 1 year old daughter, Selah, joined us as well.



Plans for tonight you ask? I’m thinking watching Monsters Inc (or Monsters University) and eating a bowl of ice cream 😉


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