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being shaver kids || 23 months old & 6 months old

I can’t believe this was the last month of Rylie being a 1 year old. It flew by! Our almost 2 year old is all kinds of fun. She loves playing, laughing, and making Emmaline happy. She is so sweet and loves giving kisses to family members and big hugs to friends!


Emmaline has really shined this month! It’s like she is a whole new baby and we have loved seeing this side of our little girl. She loves talking (more like yelling) and watching Rylie do her thing. She cannot wait to walk or play with Rylie and other kids. In the meantime, I keep telling her to not hurry it because Mama loves the baby stage!


Rylie & Emmaline have interacted a lot this month, and it has been so fun to watch. Emmaline is a tough one and actually laughs when Rylie wrestles her. 😝 Rylie also loves making Emmaline laugh, which makes her do the silliest things. Rylie’s particular favorite is to run back and forth in front of Emmaline who is vocalizing her joy by being really loud and waving her arms up and down hahaha. I’m so thankful for these two and cannot wait to see how they continue to grow together.


Enjoy October’s “being Shaver kids” video!

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