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the twins – 2 years old

After losing Rey earlier this year, “the triplets” have now been reduced to “the twins.” Although she is deeply missed and it’s hard to celebrate her birthday without her, I wanted to still post a “happy birthday” to our pup Kylo.


I won’t sugar coat it people – he’s a dog, and I love him dearly, but I don’t have a ton to say about him hahaha. He likes to run, play with Alex (my in-law’s dog), and eat. He has had a bad habit of killing chickens and rabbits from time to time, which he gets in a lot of trouble for, but he loves his humans and is particularly fond of Rylie (but I still claim that he and I have a special bond because he is so quick to follow me around ❤ ).





Happy Birthday Kylo!

You are an awesome dog and we love having you apart of the Shaver Crew!


Check out these previous blog posts to see some younger puppy (and Rylie) days:

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