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girl gang weekend

Aaron made plans to work at Shaver Farms Friday night into Saturday, so that left the girls and I to ourselves for a “Girl Gang Weekend.” I may have made up a little jingle to go along with it 😝

Our evening started with a trip to Target. I don’t go there often, but I needed to get a couple things and I knew Target would have the best quality / variety for me to choose from. I told Rylie ahead of time what we were going in there for so she could keep me accountable 😝 We did find our way to the Christmas section and Rylie absolutely loved the Christmas trees and the twinkly lights. I am so excited to experience Christmas this year through her eyes!


Our next stop was Publix just because I needed to get one item and Publix was my closest option. Afterwards, we went home and I made Rylie and I sandwiches.


Once our bellies were full, we took Sister’s monthly update pictures. Rylie, as usual, was a huge help and made Emmaline laugh multiple times. However, Rylie also saw this as a great opportunity to wrestle with Sister (a common game that Emmaline laughs at and seems to enjoy).



Following our mini-shoot, we took a bath which was not our best experience but got done nonetheless. Once we were all cleaned up, we enjoyed a little snack and then got ready for bed.

After both of the girls were down, I started cleaning various rooms in our house while listening to a new book on my Library app. An hour and a half later, I felt like I had accomplished quite a bit and finally enjoyed a couple cups of tea while catching up on my show, “This Is Us.”


The next morning, Rylie and I enjoyed toast for breakfast and while we were munching on the bread, out of nowhere, Rylie told me she wanted to paint. So I got her set up and we enjoyed the results of her creative juices flowing.



After she told me she was done and we cleaned up, I got her ready for something I had been looking forward to for a while – her 2nd birthday photo session. I did a cake-smash photo shoot for her 1st birthday and couldn’t resist doing another special session for her 2nd. I loaded up the girls and my props and went to a park nearby where we took her pictures. I’ll post them on her actual birthday, but here is sneak peek 😉



We got home and enjoyed some play time before our quiet time. I finished up a couple more projects I was working on before both girls were up and ready to play again. Aaron arrived home shortly after and we all enjoyed a good dinner, some play time and lots of laughs before we read a few books and then went to bed.


Sunday morning Aaron left to serve at church and Rylie woke up earlier because of the time change. Her and I enjoyed church online this week, and she loved taking notes with me.


The rest of the day was full of serving at church and then chilling at home and a full, fun but exhausting weekend.




Although I missed having Aaron with us for our weekly Sabbath, I did really enjoy my time with the girls! ❤ They are something special for sure.

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