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letters to rylie || 2 years old

Dear Rylie,


I love how you cross your fingers when you say you are 2. I love how you pat your chest while  you say your name.

I love that you sing “Jesus Loves Me!”

I love how the first words out of your mouth in the morning is your sister’s name.


I love that you say, “mon!” and grab our hand to lead us to what you want.

I love how you say “bye bye moo cow” and blow kisses at every animal you see.

I love that when someone says, “hi Rylie!” you immediately point and say, “Emmaline” to insure that they better not forget to say hi to her as well. It’s such evidence that you think of others first.

I love how you laugh so hard you toot, which makes you laugh even harder.

And I love that you love to pray. That you fold your hands, or sometimes change your mind mid-prayer and decide we all need to hold hands. I love that you say “meh-men!” super loud and then clap with an even louder “YAY!!!!!” It melts me, and I pray that you always get that excited about talking to your Heavenly Father.


To be completely honest, I don’t know how you’re 2 years old, but I’m also surprised you’re not 12 years old with how mature, smart and loving you are. You are full of wisdom little girl, and I cannot wait to continue to learn from you.


You have made me fall more in love with God and in His creation. You continually show me the beauty in the simple. What adults have deemed “mundane” you call “exciting.”


You have taught me to slow down – that sitting still and watching others doesn’t have to be weird, but can be informative. I don’t have to fill every empty moment with a screen or an activity, but it’s okay to just sit and take it all in.


You have encouraged me to eat with my hands, embrace the mess, and share food with my favorite people.


You are so incredibly sweet, caring, and thoughtful. You love to share, give hugs and kisses. If I have a rough day,  your hugs will make everything better. I love that you say, “hug!” right before you give one too, it’s adorable ❤


You are my best friend, Sweet Love. You make me smile and laugh. You are my motivation, my princess, my firstborn. You are beautiful, inside and out, full of love, determination, fearlessness and, most of all, joy.


I won’t ask you stay little, because time is not that kind and I want to have real conversations with you one day that doesn’t include asking if you are stinky 😝 But I will ask you to always be joyful, always be curious, and always, always sing “Jesus Loves Me” if you’re ever feeling scared or doubting if He does. Because He loves you very much, Sweet Love. And so do I.




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