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rylie – 24 months old

…otherwise known as 2. Rylie is 2 years old 😛 Since Rylie is turning 2 years old tomorrow, I’m bringing back the “monthly update” style to celebrate.


^ ha. Yeah. You try to get a 2 year old to lay still for a picture 😛 It doesn’t happen so this is the best we got. Hahaha! The point still stands – she is a lot bigger than the monkey.



  • Cheese Sticks
  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Popcorn
  • Milk
  • Coloring
  • Laughing
  • Saying “Emma-wine”
  • Giving hugs
  • Playing with others
  • Wrestling / tackling Daddy
  • Animals
  • Reading books
  • The park, zoo, science center, really anywhere where she can play
  • Running
  • Her family



  • Tomatoes
  • Not getting what she wants
  • Being told she can’t play with our phones
  • Us walking out of her room at bedtime





Rylie and food are still best of friends! We offer her breakfast, lunch, a couple snacks and dinner with an occasional treat somewhere in the mix. She has to eat what is on her plate at mealtimes, we don’t give her other options.


She’s a big fan of milk and asks for it multiple times a day.

We don’t let her have much sugar (one treat a day is our max), so it’s a very special occasion when she gets some.

At the dinner table, she has to sit with us until everyone is done eating. I like to keep a book nearby so she has something to do while she waits. Sometimes she’ll decide she wants more food, but she usually sticks to her book. When everyone is done, we have her repeat “may I be excused please?” before she can get down from the table. She does a great job and can say “I be” without prompting.




Rylie goes to bed at 8pm most nights, with the occasional 8:30/9pm if we have plans outside of the home. She wakes up around 7:30am ready to go.

To start the day, she loudly knocks on her bedroom door to tell us that she is ready to come out. We say “good morning Rylie!” and she quickly greets us with a “hi,” or “mornin'” or “Emmaline?”

Our bedtime routine varies, but we always give her some warning. If it’s a low key evening at home, we tell her to clean up her toys (which we help her do) and then we read some books. Sometimes a bath happens before we read books to set the tone.


When we’re done reading, we tell her “it’s time for night night.” and she’ll walk herself into her room and climb into her bed where she’ll lay down. We sing “Jesus loves me,” pray over her, and then close the door while we say “I love you Rylie! Goodnight.” This is always followed by tears, getting out of bed and a couple knocks on the door. We follow up with “Rylie, go lay down sweetheart” and hear the fussing slowly fade as she walks back to her bed and face-plants into her pillow. Less than 5 minutes later, she’ll be quiet and asleep.

As for naps, we really just call them “quiet time” because most days, Rylie will just play quietly in her room rather than actually fall asleep. We always hope for a nap, and sometimes she’ll take one, but you’re more likely to find her awake. Tired, but awake.



Rylie has such a zeal for life, and I love every moment of it. She is fascinated by what we adults call “simple” – like the water fountain or the sound a leaf makes when you step on it. She encourages me to slow down, to plan less and just enjoy the moment however it unfolds. And I absolutely love it!


She can say lots of words that I’m not going to even try to type because I know I’ll miss several. But even though Aaron and I understand most of her words, there are times where she will say something and we have absolutely no clue. We ask, “can you say it again?” and if we’re still lost after she’s repeated herself, we say, “I’m so sorry Rylie. I don’t understand what you’re saying.” And we’ll usually ask her to show us or she just stops trying and moves on with her day haha.

It can be hard for others who are not around her as much so we do translate some, but not a lot. Anyone who focuses and follows her will catch on quickly. Rylie has no problem showing you what she wants if you are not understanding, and she’s good at saying, “no” if you’ve guessed incorrectly.

Her hair is so long compared to the fuzz head she had a year ago. I’ve been able to put into:

  • the “pebbles ponytail”
  • pigtails on top and behind her head
  • a ponytail in the back


I’ve played around with it some when she’s sitting on my lap that I could probably braid it if she sat still for me long enough, but let’s be honest, that’s not very likely. haha


Rylie is a go-go-go kind of kid, which is fun. She loves to run, jump (she’s learning how to jump anyway) and play. She thinks a lot of things are games, so we have to be intentional about when to correct her if it’s not (for example, getting dressed or asking her to come to us). “Rylie, we’re not playing sweetheart. Please be quick to obey and come here.” and most of the time, with a smirk, she’ll come. She’s not perfect of course and we correct her when she doesn’t make the right decision.

“What happened?” is a new phrase Rylie enjoys asking. We make a point to explain a lot of things we’re doing, like why we go to the grocery store or where we’re going and about behavior, like why we hold hands in the parking lot.


She absolutely loves books and enjoys reading the same book as Sister. She does a great job pointing things out and turning the pages. We’re working on her attention span when it comes to actual stories, but I think we’re getting there. Regardless, she loves to learn and enjoys saying her letters, numbers, and singing nursery rhymes. Oh, and coloring! Can’t forget that 😛



Rylie and Emmaline are inseparable. I really don’t think Rylie even remembers what life was like before Emmaline. She says “Emma-wine” multiple times an hour and is more likely to do something if Sister does it as well (like getting her hair done). When Emmaline is fussing, Rylie immediately informs us that Sister is crying because she needs her “bottle!!!” Although that is a common reason for Emmaline’s attitude, it is not always the correct solution. “That’s a good idea Rylie, but I think Emmaline is tired.” which is followed by a confused look from Rylie hahaha.


There have also been times where Aaron and I are in the kitchen and we hear from the living room, “no maaaaa’am! no no!” from Rylie’s voice clearly indicating Emmaline has done something to Rylie’s disliking. Hahaha but the majority of the time, these two love playing together and Emmaline is anxious to do what Big Sister does.







^ Oh my nosh (as Rylie would say 😉 😛 ), this picture ❤

To be honest, I’m just trying to figure out how I have a 2 year old haha 😃 I realize I will probably feel that way every birthday, but I really feel I was just a 22 year old who had a newborn.

This year has been so fun though. Rylie has really come into her personality and we have an absolute blast with her! She is so caring and loves giving hugs, blowing kisses and sharing (toys and food).


I remember the first time I was asked, “wait, are you Rylie’s mom?” at church. I laughed because I had never been addressed like that before, but I said I was and the girl immediately followed up with, “oh my gosh – I LOVE RYLIE! She is so sweet! When the other kids are crying, she looks at them like, “what’s your problem?” and hands them a toy and rubs their back. She’s amazing!” Yeah she is! Also, I love being called “Rylie’s mom!” 😀


I’ve had to accept that my relationship with Rylie will be different than my relationship will be with Emmaline. I was reminded recently when I was pregnant with Rylie, scared and worrying that I wasn’t going to be a good mom to her, God comforted me by saying, “she is exactly what you need,” and my word has that been true. I’ve needed her in more ways than I can count. I’ve needed her joy, her to make me laugh, her hugs to remind me what’s important, her curiosity to teach me, her temperament to change me. But God wasn’t done when he said, “she is exactly what you need,” the rest of that sentence is, “and you are exactly what she needs.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to connect that dot to a circumstance or a lesson, but for now, it’s a comfort to me when I question what I’m doing.

By birth, she is our trailblazer. Our first parenting experiences revolve around her.

But I do know that God gave her to me, and I’m thankful. I know you can’t earn God’s love or favor, He just gives it to you – which is good because I diffidently haven’t done anything to deserve this little princess. I pray that she’s better than me – in every area. I pray that she is a strong warrior, a woman who holds her head up high and interacts with others with love and grace. I pray she knows her Daddy is the King of Kings and has a purpose for her life. And I pray she always knows she is deeply, deeply loved and treasured.





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