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rylie’s 2nd birthday day

Even though it was Rylie’s birthday, I still had to work a full day 😦 But Aaron and my mom (who is in town for Rylie’s birthday & birthday party) met me for lunch at the McWane Center (where we got an annual family pass last year for Rylie’s birthday). It was an hour well spent – we ate a great lunch that Aaron had prepared for us and went to “Itty Bitty Magic City” for about a half hour before I needed to get back to the office and they had some errands to run.

Rylie absolutely loved running around, playing with the little town.




As soon as the clock struck 4pm, I was out the door and drove home to help load up the girls and head to my in-law’s house for our weekly Tribe Night. Since it was Rylie’s birthday, we catered the whole evening around her – a gift from Great-Gma who live in Illinois. spaghetti for dinner (a favorite of hers), playing and chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and fruit for dessert.








Rylie absolutely loved it when we sang “Happy Birthday” to her!






After a couple hours there, we headed home to get the birthday girl down to bed, but the adults stayed up a little longer to get a game plan set for party prep. I am so excited and cannot wait to share photos from her gathering! 😊


Overall, I think she had a great birthday! And the festivities are not done yet 😉

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