being rylie

rylie || 19 – 24 months old

When Rylie turned one, I stopped doing monthly updates. I did do an 18 month update and a 24 month update because those are viewed as a big milestone, but since my blog is based around our family, I’m sure you don’t feel like you’ve missed a beat when it has come to seeing what Rylie is up to.

However, the first year is full of milestones, both physical growth and her mind + abilities took off this later half of the year. So like I did in her 13-18 months post, I thought I would do an “overview update” sharing the last 6 months and what big milestones Rylie passed.




19 months:


Social butterfly Rylie loved attending multiple birthday parties and playing with some friends. She also shocked me one day when she replied to something I had said. Could we understand it? Absolutely not. But the toddler-babble was (at least in her mind) a full conversation.


She also became a big girl when we took off her crib siding, allowing her access to get out of her bed. We thought we’d do a test run, but she did so well that we’ve left it off.



Life Events:



20 months:


We really embraced summer this year since Rylie was able to actively do more than she did last year. It became evident that she absolutely loved playing in the water, so we did our best to tolerate the heat enough to go the lake a couple different times and enjoy some swimming. Or at the very least, play with a hose / sprinkler.


Life Events:



21 months:


I feel like this month we started to discipline more often because Rylie was testing boundaries more often. This girl also got into everything. Our floor was (and still is) a constant sight of random things we either didn’t know existed or had stored (like cue-tips… mhmm) and there are a couple spots on the wall that Rylie clearly saw as a blank canvas and took her crayons to add some color to our blank walls. **face palm**


Life Events:



22 months:


Rylie’s vocabulary exploded this month. She suddenly was able to say real words pretty clearly or at least to the point where we had a general idea of what she wanted or needed.


She also started playing “pretend” more often. Her favorite is to pretend to talk to someone on the phone -usually AmBam & Ryan 😀

Life Events:


23 months:


Aaron and I explained processes a lot this month. Where we were going in the car and why, why we can’t eat grapes as soon as we put them in our cart at the grocery store, why Sister cries, etc.

We also continued to work on her words and emotions. Instead of fussing, we encouraged her to use her words and tell us what she needed. I’m continually surprised at the new words she can say.


Life Events:


24 months:


I wrote an update sharing all the things Rylie likes, dislikes, and what life is like for our oldest kiddo at the moment. You can read it by clicking here.


To sum it up though, Rylie is constantly on the go. She does want things to go her way (like most toddlers) but Aaron & I are quick to guide her. She loves her sister deeply, and enjoys playing (lots of playing), reading, interacting with others, and being a helper.

 Life Events:

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