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operation Christmas child 2018

In this season of Thanksgiving & Christmas, our family is really focusing on giving and blessing others. So when a childhood memory randomly hit me in the middle of my workday late last week, I did some research and decided I really wanted to participate!


Operation Christmas Child.


This is a nonprofit organization that shares the gospel with children around the world. They go to over 100 countries – places where people may not know Christ and Pastors / volunteers invite them to follow Him. The boxes are also used as resources for outreach in orphanages and other at-risk areas. It’s a heartwarming way for us to bless children who are struggling and help them learn about the greatest gift – Jesus – in a real, tangible way.


This was something my brother and I did multiple times throughout our childhood, and I thought it would be a really fun activity for the girls and I to do with my mom while she was in town visiting. My mom was excited to be included, and we decided to build a box for a 2-4 year old girl (since Rylie just turned 2).


We had a great time getting a box, shopping for sweet toys, having Rylie color a picture and packing the box.




We were also giddy to read on their website that we could include pictures of our family and a letter + if we shared our mailing address, depending on where the box went, we might get a letter in return from the child who received the box. I wrote a little letter on the picture Rylie drew in hopes it would  make our new little friend smile. I really hope we can get a letter back ❤


I cannot tell you how much we loved putting this together! It doesn’t cost much and it is a great way to teach children about giving. Before we went to the store, I sat Rylie down and told her, “we are going to the store to get some toys for a little girl who is your age. She really needs to feel loved and our gift will help her meet Jesus. Can you help me pick some things out so we can bless her?”


It’s not too late for you to put together a box! Check out their website to get great ideas, see guidelines and purchase your tracking number so you can see where your box goes 😊

You can drop off your box at numerous locations across the United States November 12th – 19th, 2018.


Here’s a video that shares some ideas of what you can pack + a peek at the sweet faces of the kiddos who get the boxes. My heart melts seeing how happy a little shoe box full of goodies makes them.


Are you making a shoe box this year?

I would love to know and see pictures of what you included in your box 😀

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