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thankful thursday #44, #45 and #46

Can I just start this post off by saying is anyone else surprised that it’s already one week away from Thanksgiving? I just texted my family earlier this week telling them we have to talk about what we’ll be making (and who is bringing what) so we can plan accordingly 😝

After a couple weeks off to celebrate birthdays, let’s catch up with our Thankful Thursdays.

Thankful Thursday #44


  • DIY Costumes


This was so last minute but oh so fun! I’m thankful for Aaron’s willingness to wear a full body adult onesie in Alabama Fall heat and his thoughtfulness to lend me his hoodie and color a couple plates so I could participate as well.


Thankful Thursday #45


  • Matching Shirts + Girl Gang Weekend


Aaron was gone overnight working at the farm, and even though I really missed him, I was thankful to have some time to enjoy the girls by myself and clean the house.

I’m also thankful for these Girl Gang shirts I got at my church’s Women’s Conference earlier this Fall. I think Emmaline will be growing out of hers way sooner than I expected though…


  • Rylie’s Photo Shoot


I feel like I’ve gotten better at having ideas for photo shoots, but embracing that they will not go according to my plans. Regardless of her constant asking for the “snack” (AKA. the donut I purchased last minute thinking it would be so cute but it turned out to be more of a hindrance than a cute picture), I got the majority of my favorite pictures just by letting her walk and play on the wooden train.


  • Mom Flew In

My mom flew in to join us for Rylie’s birthday + party. She was such a big help to us and was a great extra set of hands while we were getting ready for Rylie’s party.


Thankful Thursday #46


  • Rylie’s Birthday


Of course I am beyond thankful for this little girl right here, and celebrating her was our genuine pleasure! She is an incredible little lady and I cannot believe she is 2 years old!


  • Rylie’s Party


We tried something new and had Rylie’s birthday party on a Friday evening. It worked out wonderfully, but only because we had all hands on deck. Aaron and my mom had ran errands earlier in the week to get all the supplies, and our tribe arrived early to help decorate and set up.

I’m also thankful for all those who attended Rylie’s party (and those who were there in spirit)!


  • Operation Christmas Child


So thankful we are able to share the love of Jesus with a little girl through a shoe box.




What are you thankful for this week?

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