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Between birthdays, Christmas and random “I want to give them a gift!” occasions, I know you have a list of kiddos in your life with a wish list asking for the latest toy, video game, or straight up cash. Those things are great, but how many toys and video games do kids really need?

What if I helped you find something that the kids want and need. Something the kids might not have on their wish list, but will love just as much if not more.


Monthly Book Box Subscription!!!!


I am so stocked about this, and it was birthed out of something God had been stirring in my heart for months. Facebook parties are a big deal in the Multi-Level-Marketing industry, but I didn’t want to add fuel to the “hurry, do one more thing!” motto that is going around in our culture. I want to be an advocate for rest, for a slower rhythm, for family togetherness and people creating intentional moments with their kids. Books are the perfect tool for this. But I know it can overwhelming selecting what books are worth your money and that your kids will enjoy.

So after some brainstorming with my husband, Aaron, we created something that fuels our vision, and it’s a monthly book box subscription.


  • The journey starts by filling out a form. This will give me basic information like where to ship the books and what ages I’m shopping for. Current interests are also a big help.
  • You’ll pick a box size ($25, $50, $75 or $100) and that will determine how many books you get every month. The box price includes books, processing and shipping to your home.
  • I’ll charge your card every month on the 20th and you’ll receive them the first week of the following month. Your card will be charged on that day unless I’m otherwise notified.
  • You have access to me anytime. You can tell me “hey, my son loved that [book title] in last month’s box. Can you include more like it in our next box?”
  • There’s no contract, so you can skip a month or cancel anytime.


This is perfect for:

  • The grandma who loves to spoil her grandchildren and wants to add to their home library.
  • The new mom who doesn’t know what books are appropriate for her baby’s age.
  • The dad who wants his kids to learn more but doesn’t know where to start.
  • The parents who want their kids to have new books but doesn’t have the time to go to the store, do the research and purchase them.

Book Box subscription

I’d love to chat with you more about this great option! It’s a perfect thing for grandparents to gift their grandkids, new mom’s to feel confident in the books their baby has, and parents to keep their bookshelves fresh.

So, which box size do you want?


general with prices

Have more questions? Check out my FAQ page. Don’t see your question listed? Contact me!


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