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the wooden kitchen

Rylie was gifted a beautiful wooden kitchen from her grandparents (Rick + Michelle) for her birthday, and knowing it might take some time, we postponed putting it together until we knew we had a chill day at home. So when Saturday (11.17.18) came around with absolutely no plans but to stay home, we brought the box out and dumped its contents.



I don’t know why, but I was surprised at how many pieces it came with. It was literally just a stack of boards and a box of various screws. Thank goodness Aaron was there. He put it together with so much ease.


Rylie was a great help as well, although once I opened the pots and pans that came with it, she was far more interested in playing with them. But she did occasionally jump up with a desire to assist Daddy.





When the last screw was tightened, we looked at the clock and saw it had taken almost 3 hours to build. 😲 Good thing we waited until we had ample time to put it together.


Rylie has not stopped playing with it since, which is so so sweet! Emmaline really enjoys being a part of the fun as well. She is a great sous chef.


To accompany this lovely gift, Aaron and I got a variety of play food which also came with some plates and baskets to hold all the yumminess.





Aaron and I are so excited to have this classic toy for her and cannot wait to watch Rylie’s imagination flourish. She’s already created some interesting menu items hahaha I cannot tell you how many bread sandwiches I’ve eaten (slice of bread, hamburger bun in the middle, and another slice of bread) 😛

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