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a toy story weekend

Our family’s rule is there is no TV/iPad/media/etc. for the kids. At their current age, they do not need it. However, some exceptions to that rule is if we are doing it together as a family (we’ll usually end our Sabbath with a family movie) or if they are sick.


With sickness hitting the girls hard this past week, we let Rylie have some screen time. She was particularly fond of Woody from “Toy Story.” Over the course of a week, Rylie watched “Toy Story” 7-10 times (I’ve honestly lost count) in addition to occasionally wanting to see “Cars” and “Finding Nemo”





With a point to the screen.


Although it was rough watching her not feel well, it was cute to see her little eyes watch a movie she was actually enjoying. She also enjoyed playing with her Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys.


We are currently in a series at Church called “At The Movies” – where our pastor takes modern day movies and finds biblical principles in them. Jesus did this a lot – told stories with lessons in them – and it has been such a fun few Sundays as we’ve eaten popcorn and watched movies together. The kids also get to experience this with kids movies, and this week was… you guessed it – “Toy Story!” Pastor John pointed out how Woody never stopped chasing Buzz and was committed to getting them both back to Andy’s. What a great reminder that we should always be seeking relationship with others to help them get Home (Heaven).


In our own home, Aaron and I like to practice this with the movies we watch as a family, and I noticed that not only does “Toy Story” show the power and importance of friendship, but it also shows how our differences can make us better. Buzz and Woody were very different, but that meant they were both good at different things and they used their differences to make a difference. How awesome is it that we were all created uniquely and can share our differences with the world and be friends with different people!?




What is your kiddo’s favorite movie right now? You know, the one that you can quote perfectly because you’ve seen it so many times 😛

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