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happy thanksgiving!



I’m going to keep this short because I don’t want you on your phones long. Enjoy the parade, homemade food, time with loved ones, and take that nap 😉
But I wanted to jump on for this week’s Thankful Thursday and since it’s Thanksgiving, what better time to really dive into thankfulness!?


Thankful Thursday #47


  • Salvation

You better believe this is #1 on my thankful list. Every morning when I pray the very first thing I do is thank Him. I thank Him for another day, for His desire to have a relationship with me, for His son, for all the blessings in my life and the freedom I have to worship Him.
I never want to lose the wonder of salvation. It is such a gift!


  • My Crew


This guy is the MVP, VIP, and any other abbreviation that amplifies someone’s importance. He is my best friend, and I love that we’ve spent that last 7 Thanksgivings together.


These girls have changed my world, and I cannot thank God enough for them. They each bring something so unique to our family and I L.O.V.E it!!! Every night when I pray with them before bed, I thank God for them and name a characteristic they possess that betters me and/or our family. They both bring so much joy into this world and I am so thankful to have been chosen to be their mother.


  • My House


This is our very 1st Thanksgiving in this house!

This house is so much more than just 4 walls. This house is an answer to 3 years of prayers, 3 years of tears and 3 years of dreaming. There are so many improvements I want to make, but at the end of the day, I am so thankful for our home.


  • My Job


Because even on the hard days, I’m thankful to be employed. To have a consistent paycheck that allows my family to live in a home, eat full meals and pay for all those diapers 😝


  • My Business


I  feel like my business – Where All Things Live – has taken big strides this year, and I am so thankful for this opportunity and how I’ve been able to combine my heart for families with this children’s book company. I’m excited to continue to grow my customer base and my team!


  • My Tribe


“Tribe Shaver” is a name I gave Aaron’s side of the family shortly after we moved to Alabama in 2015. They have become so important to me, and I am so thankful for each of them and what they individually add to my life.


  • My Fam


It’s been a rough year, but I’m thankful for the lessons and new interactions I get to have with the people I’ve known since birth.

Dad – for teaching me

Mom – for supporting me

Bro – for being my main since 1996



  • My Readers

I started this blog fearing no one would ever read it. But from the day I launched this blog in August 2015 to today, I’ve had over 30,195 views. Guys, thank you! Thank you for letting me share my life with you and allowing it to encourage you. Thank you for seeing the endless photos of my kids and reading about our latest family outing. Thank you for watching the videos, commenting on your thoughts, and sharing my posts. I am so thankful and I hope my life and my family can be an encouragement and influence.


I’m sure I could keep going, because you know I’m so thankful for my succulent – the only plant I’ve been able to keep alive for any length of time 😝 – but I told you I wanted to keep this post to the point so you can watch the parade and take that nap 😉

So real quick, what are you thankful for this year?

3 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving!”

  1. What a sweet post! Your girls are soooo cute! Happy Thanksgiving – from India. 🙂 Just happened to see your post and feel so blessed and grateful! Thank you for writing and pressing the gratitude button in my heart. 🙂


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