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thanksgiving weekend 2018

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing, tradition filled weekend. The Shaver Crew’s Thanksgiving weekend was a mix of nontraditional and traditional.


Wednesday night, Rick & Michelle decided to drive to Illinois to celebrate Thanksgiving with Michelle’s family and they offered to take Rylie and Emmaline with them. Aaron and I accepted their offer and said farewell a little after 9pm.


I woke up at 6:30am Thanksgiving morning, but felt surprisingly rested. So I got up and Aaron wasn’t far behind. We were in charge of taking care of the farm during their absence, so we drove to their house and took care of the animals.





We grabbed some farm fresh eggs and when we got home around 9am, we cooked breakfast and we watched the parade – which consisted of us making fun of the terrible lip-syncing and picking our favorite marching band.

The remaining hours of the day were spent playing games, watching TV, taking a nap, and sitting on the couch.


Meanwhile in Illinois, the girls were having a blast making family members smile and laugh at their cuteness.




Aaron and I ended the night with the only traditional Thanksgiving food we had – pumpkin pie 😊


We are not Black Friday shoppers, but our favorite thrift store did have a great sale going on, so we thought we’d stop by. We woke up early again and ate breakfast before leaving for the day. We took care of the farm animals and made our stop at the thrift store where we ended up purchasing 19 items for $62. This included clothes for Rylie, multiple jackets for Aaron, Rylie and myself, a few Christmas decorations and a few other various items.


From there, I convinced Aaron to stop at Hobby Lobby so he could see all the adorable Christmas decorations they had. I had seen so many things I liked when my mom and I went earlier this month (see my excitement in the picture my mom took below hahahhaha!).


We ended up purchasing Emmaline’s first Christmas ornament and looking up and down the other aisle deciding to come back after Christmas when everything would likely be 90% off and we’d get things for the following year.

When we got home, I washed our thrift finds and we hung out for a few hours before getting ready for the first date night we’ve had in a long time.


Saturday morning came and Rick and Michelle were back home with the kids so we ate breakfast and said we’d stop at the grocery store to get some necessities before picking them up. As we were leaving, we checked our mailbox and found my mom had sent us a gift card to Hobby Lobby, so Aaron and I stopped there again and purchased a few more items while they had 50% off all Christmas items.


After we picked the girls up, we came home and immediately started decorating for Christmas.


The remaining hours on Saturday were spent enjoying our decorated home and playing with the girls.


Sunday was our usual busy but I did get some photos of the girls with our At The Movies poster.






Overall, it was a great long weekend! I am so thankful for the time I got with Aaron and the memories we made with the girls as we decorated our home.


Now bring on all the Christmas things! 😀

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